Faeria Friday: A new player has joined the game

Two community events take place this weekend, and you can win prizes just by watching on Sunday! Bonus: Baby.

##MGtv Championship

This Sunday, MetaGamingTV will be hosting a tournament, and you have multiple ways to win.

You have three options:


For the first time ever, this community tournament will use the in-game deck registration system. You’ll notice a button appear for it this Saturday on the main menu.

In another first, Eggbot will be activated for an event other than the Monthly Cup. Link your Twitch account to Steam and tune in to MetagamingTV during the tournament for a chance to win the following prizes:

  • Watch for 30 minutes: 100 gold chance
  • Watch for 90 minutes: Egg avatar chance
  • Watch 4 hours+: Guaranteed Battle Chest

This will be the first tournament after the latest balance changes earlier this week, but that’s not the only competition this weekend…

##Saturday King of the Hill

Competitive player and German caster Noaphiel is continuing his King of the Hill series this Saturday, live on Twitch.

Watch the recent “Top 4” Monthly Cup finisher Donpork square off against two time Monthly Cup competitor and ladder hero littlenooby in a Best of 9 for honor and glory.

##Monthly Cup

As mentioned last week, there are some changes coming to the next Monthly Cup.

  • Top four players are now invited to the next cup, and they are:
  • Aya_73
  • IncognitoD
  • Kingdanzz
  • Donpork
  • Voting slots reduced from 4 to 2
  • Highest 10 God ranks now earn a slot, up from 8
  • Make a campaign poster to gain votes!

On a personal note, I’ve been somewhat absent lately for a very small, but important reason. I’ve added another human being to the ever-growing, consuming, suffocating population of Earth.

And it’s a girl!

I don’t know much about her yet, but her favorite things so far seem to be looking at things, being cute, and sleeping.

I’ll be back into full action soon, once I’m able to find time to sleep. Meanwhile, the team continues to work hard on some very cool stuff. I can’t spoil any of it just yet, but 2017 should prove to be a very interesting year.