Faeria Friday: Anticipation intensifies

We’re nearing the introduction of a new batch of cards to Faeria. Let’s recap current events - and while we’re at it highlight some great community activities lately.

##Ten new cards, next week

As mentioned in the patch on Tuesday, we’ll be deploying another update to Faeria next week that will include ten new cards. It’s important to note that we also plan on updating many other existing cards as well - some of which will be taking advantage of the new keywords so recently introduced. It will be quite a significant adjustment to the card base, and we’re excited to unleash it.

The current schedule has us deploying this update near the middle of next week.

We’re continuing to slowly roll out teasers before the update hits. Keep a close ear to the ground these next few days. Remember, you can see all currently revealed cards right here:

The latest card, Forbidden Library, has just been revealed today on the GamersOrigin Twitch channel and website!

##Reticulating splines…

One common suggestion from our players is that we should add a set of helpful loading screen hints and tips. Good idea. We agree.

You can even help us add them!

Feel free to submit as many as you like, and we’ll add the best ones to the game. Try and remain as concise and informative as possible - players won’t have an overly long time to read these.

##Meltdown, France

Imperia and Kanthik, competitive Faeria players and casters from GamersOrigin, have been working together to help with local Meltdown events in Clermont-Ferrand, France.

We’ve heard a lot of good things from these events, and wanted to say that we are very thankful and humbled by their passion for the game and the new players they have introduced. Looks awesome.

##J0k3se’s Spot Lethal series

We wanted to give a well deserved shout-out to J0k3se and his excellent work in creating difficult scenarios to test the might and mettle of community members in his ongoing Spot Lethal series on YouTube. One of his puzzles even made it into the game in the first edition of the Solo content.

See if you can spot it before the guests do.

##Weekend tournaments

Monthly Cup Qualifier #1

The next Monthly Cup is ready to begin qualifications!

ESL GO4Faeria

The GO4Faeria tournaments will be taking a break shortly, but there is still one more cup remaining for November.

With a patch earlier this week, and another next week - we’re eager to see what these tournaments can begin to teach us about the latest changes.