Loading Screen Hints and Tips needed

Hi All,

We’re going to be adding game hints and tips to the ‘Opponent Found’ splash screen, and we’d like you all to help us create them.

The four categories we’d like to add are:

Basic - Catering for new players who haven’t yet learnt all the mechanics and rules
Advanced - Aimed at more experienced players
Humor - Eggactly what is says; highlight the humour you see in the game, and in the community.

With the 4th category, Lore, being added by us.

So, please add your suggestions in this thread and we’ll use whichever ones seem the most appropriate.


  • The Faeria Team

Humor: Groundshaker’s art was released at the same time Bomb Slingers health went from 2 to 1. Bomb Slingers feature in Groundshaker’s artwork getting smashed.

Trivia: In the ancient times blue used to be a viable color until a certain experiment which failed.

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Humor: During monthly cup type in official Twitch chat !egg for more eggs


Some common abbreviations could be included into Basic, e.g.
“OTK stands for One Turn Kill, a deck trying to deal 20 to the enemy Orb in one Turn.”
Also some Basic deck Types, e.g.
“Burn decks try to slowly but constantly kill you”
“Rush decks are trying to pressure and kill you as early as possible”


Basic/Advanced (take your pick) :

I suggest you pick from those mentioned by @J0k3se at the end of his great guide (boards.faeria.com/t/how-to-improve-at-faeria-a-guide)

Here they are (Changed a few things that were not updated recently).

Game mechanics you should know about.

At the end of the controllers turn, aquatic minions die if they end up on land, and non-aquatic/flying minions die if they end up in the ocean.

Creatures with charge/flying cannot move through your minions or structures.

Ranged creatures cannot shoot through your own minions.

Ranged creatures will take strikeback damage only if they attack an adjacent enemy, not if the creature is more than one tile away, except if it also is Ranged.

Creating a forest at random can also alter your prairie tiles (wild growth, vine wall).

An enemy well is the two wells closest to your opponent.

“Move a creature” (Flash Wind/Oradrim Fanatic) means move it as if that creature was moving. So jump, charge and flying applies. “Move a creature” can also be used to move away from Taunt.

Deathtouch only kills an enemy creature if damage is dealt (If a creature with protection is attacked by a creature with deathtouch, it will not die.

If a creature has deathtouch and four or more attack and attacks Sharra, Sharra will not die).

You can only have 9 cards in your hand. If you were to draw a card when you already have 9, the card will be lost.
When your deck is empty and you draw a card, you take fatigue damage. Fatigue deals 1 damage +1 damage for each time fatigue has already dealt damage to that player.

AoE effect creatures in the order they’re put down on the board, meaning that if you’ve put a Farm Boy (for instance), then a Bone collector next to it, and your opponent plays Firestorm, the bone collector will be buffed before and so not die from it. The same goes with Ruunin shrine : it will protect only the first creatures to have been played, and the excess of damage will be taken from the last creatures to enter the board.

If you transform (Frogify, Mirror Phantasm, Unbound Evolution, Orosei) a creature that is able to attack, it will still be able to attack after transforming it. Except if you play a creature with haste and transform it the same turn (it will lose haste and therefore the new creature will no longer be able to attack).

If you replace a creature (Demon Wrangler, Oath to Oblivion), the new creature will not be able to attack the same turn it is played, even if the creature it replaces was able to attack.

Card mechanics you should know about.

Ruunin’s Shrine can be overkilled. As long as it has 1 hp it will absorb the entire next hit.

Prophet of Tides has to move the same land twice.

You and your opponent can see what card has been drawn by Royal Judge (while it is on the board) by hovering over it.
Aurora, Myth Maker cannot target herself or enemy creatures. If you have 2x Aurora, Myth Maker’s, the second one can target the first.

Tiki Caretaker and Tiki Piper can target themselves.

Ruunin’s Avenger can have its health go up while it is on the field.

Azure Wisp does not have to be the creature collecting faeria to gain the +1+1 bonus.

Bloodwell Sprite does not have to be the creature collecting faeria to deal one damage to your opponent.

Frogs from Battle Toads can only be placed on lakes.

Aurora’s Creation can target enemy minions.Seifer, Blood Tyrant absorbs the creature’s original stats plus buffs, not the stats when it’s damaged and loses a battle to Seifer.

Oradim Saggitarius’s text, “whenever you attack a god, gain 1 Faeria” applies to attacks from any of creatures you control, not just Oradim Saggitarius.

If Battle Rager is destroyed (Last Nightmare, Choking Sand or Meteor), no damage will be dealt to the other player.

These may or may not all be suited to a loading screen (some are too long for instance), I’m just mentioning them, it’s up to you to choose or reword them if necessary. And I hope @J0k3se doesn’t mind of course :smiley:

Humor :
Herds of Angry Yaks once ruled over the land of Faeria. Dark times.


Advanced: You can hold your “Explore” event card to buff your event-based creatures later.


I won’t classify these as Basic or Advanced, but a few tips:

When choosing to place Prairies through the Power Wheel, you can cancel the action by right clicking after one Prairie to place the second later in the turn.

When you try to draw from an empty deck, you take incremental damage instead.

The maximum number of cards you can hold in hand is 9. Any card drawn beyond that gets discarded immediately.

Because your Faeria accumulates from turn to turn, and because lands can be placed as fast or faster than most creatures move, refraining to play creatures unless they have an immediate impact on the board is often the right line of play.

  • Kinda info: Love yaks? You can buy stuffed yaks soon! Play yak attack in your home!

You could even add you should hold your “Explorer” card until playing it achieves something.
Many people just play it at the end of their first turn for no reason at all.


Humour: dash lets you invade enemy territory in a explosive way :stuck_out_tongue:

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Another way to word this would be:
“Control” decks build lands to either side of their orb, aiming to collect from both wells before moving up the board while removing opponents creatures with events.
“Midrange” decks build lands up one side of the board. Aiming to double collect from one of their own wells as well as an opponents well on their way to opponents orb.
“Rush” decks build lands straight up the middle of the board, forgoing early collection while they try to reduce their opponents life total before they can stabilize.

Basic - Hold your cards until they impact the board, your faeria is not going away at the end of the turn.

Basic - Be careful attacking red creatures if your health is low.

Humour - If you summon a hundred Yak’s during a game, the legendary golden Yak will not appear.

Humour - Yak’s come from eggs, and eggs come from dragons, and dragons come in four flavours.

Humour - Bring back the hair!


Yak is love. Yak is life.

I used to be a daring adventurer like you then i took a falcon dive to the knee.

It seems yaks lay eggs.

Ostrogoth is a charge13 13/13 flying spaghetti monster.

Pls nerf Red, it’s overpowered !
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YakLord keeps Chuck Norris as a companion pet.

yaking around …

One egg to rule them all

You cannot heal your god over 20 health.
Transform effects removes Protection.
A haste creature can gather the turn it is played.
Ranged creature fight back when attacked at range.
A creature cannot move after attacking.
A creature taunted by multiple creatures can chose wich taunt to attack.
You cannot drain attack of a creature under 0.



You can see what choice was picked on creatures with choose one abilities by hovering over them.

You can sacrifice your own creatures to activate last word abilities on the same turn.

You may right click to keep a creature with dash on the same tile it was summoned on.

Effects that move creatures can bypass taunt.

Gift effects aren’t activated on transformed creatures.

Creatures with haste can collect faeria on the turn they were summoned.

You may only include one copy of a legendary in your deck.

If your opponent makes double prairies towards your orb on his first turn, he’s likely playing a rush deck.


You can increase the chance of effects that hit a random card in your hand hitting a card you want by playing other cards first.

Faerie abilities are more likely to activate the more events you have in your deck.

Structures can be used to block a space, preventing an enemy creature from moving there.

Soul Drain only heals your orb for the amount of damage it deals.

If many shards have already been found in Pandora, drawing cards may cause pandora to open.

If your opponent plays a card that adds a specific card in their hand, you can later play around it by memorizing the card he added to his hand.

Punishment deals 5 damage to creatures from treasure cards.

If Iona, Beloved by All is given taunt, she can be attacked.


Humor: Yak, yak yak yaaaaaak.
(obviously feel free to edit to your liking, maybe adding more yaks to this sentence, it’s a bit small as it is.)


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humor: if you play a buffed seifer, there is a chance it will become a 2/2 frog with jump

there is no yak level

(this one is not mine) i used to be a daring adventurer like you, then i took a falcon dive to the knee


To help defend versus rush decks take all lands within 2 tiles of your orb except for the ones directly in front, as those two are easier to bodyblock.

Bodyblocking is a term that refers to placing or moving a creature into a position to block your opponent’s creature from moving there.

“Move a land” cards such as Prophet Of Tides can be used to make a creature standing on the land collect.

In order to insure getting the most life out of Soul Drain, use the card before trading with a creature!

Seifer’s Wrath will not trigger if IT does not do the final damage.
Protection can be easily removed with Falcon Dive.

Neutral creatures and colored structures can be placed on any friendly land tile.

Summoning aurora on a lake tile turns it into a tea tile.

For a dragon slayer, Sharra is pretty afraid of Garudan.

The forest is hungry!

Putting a lake in the middle of the ocean seems kind of silly.


Basic / Humor: Don’t overlook the wells! Faeria is life.

Can I upvote the “There is no yak level” thing?

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