Faeria Friday: ESL Go4Faeria

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##Introducing: ESL’s Go4Faeria weekly cups

We’re proud to announce our partnership with ESL in bringing you a brand new weekly tournament series with cash prizes, beginning next month.

"The Faeria community is a bright and vibrant one, that since the competitive strategy card game’s launch has been steadily on the rise! The game’s unique, fast-paced, and challenging nature make it a perfect addition to our Go4 gaming community. We’re looking forward to work with Abrakam and Faeria to bring more exciting opportunities to our ESL Play network​.” - David Hiltscher, VP Gaming Communities at ESL

Starting September 4th, ESL’s Go4Faeria cups will take place every Sunday with a chance for you to win $150 in prizes every week. Accumulate enough Go4 Points and earn your place in the finals each month to compete for an additional $400.

Read all of the details and sign up at http://play.eslgaming.com/faeria/global!

##Monthly Cup qualifiers this weekend

ESL’s brand new weekly cups will begin soon, but don’t forget about our official Monthly Cup.

What is the Monthly Cup?

Head to https://esports.faeria.com/ for all the information you need. In short, it’s $3000 monthly competition between the best players in Faeria. Should anyone defeat one of the previous champions, they take home an additional $150 bounty!

The last of two qualifiers for this Monthly Cup takes place tomorrow, Saturday August 27th.

#Register for the qualifier here

Remember, if you don’t earn a spot from the qualifiers, you can always:


Of course, the biggest news of the week is that Faeria has finally gone Free-to-Play!

In case you missed it, check out what’s new in version 0.8 in our last announcement.

Since then, we’ve also applied a few hotfixes to correct a lot of the issues some players were having with the Solo content. In addition to that, we’ve both optimized our new main menu screen and added a new option in the Settings screen to disabled the fancy animations that can cause performance issues on some machines.

Just toggle that bad boy off if you should so desire.

Have a great weekend!

-Gary (@Atmaz)