Faeria version 1.0 Balance changes, bug fixes, and developer commentary

For the extended version of these patch notes, please see this news post.

This post is to focus on the balance changes and bug fixes contained within, as well as some developer commentary.

Balance changes

Altar of Souls

  • Faeria cost decreased from 3 to 2
  • The added Slaughtering Shadow’s faeria cost is increased from 1 to 2.

Derelict Tower

  • Life decreased from 4 to 3.

After the addition of haste to all structures in the last major balance patch last month, we knew there was a potential for some issues to surface over time. We’re really happy with the increased interactivity and immediate reward structures can now provide, but realize there are a couple that have been performing slightly above their intended design.

Derelict Tower we adjusted previously in anticipation of this change, but it seems it didn’t land in quite the right spot. We still believe it will be a powerful tool for many decks with only a slight decrease in health, and at the same time make it a little less smothering against many other deck building strategies.

Altar of Souls emerged quickly after the last patch as a dominant force in the meta, appearing in almost every style of yellow deck that could be played, even where it seemed it didn’t quite belong. While it’s currently being held somewhat in check by the abundance of Red removal in the ladder, we anticipate that after today’s changes it will become a highlighted issue yet again. Today’s adjustment will make it cost exactly the same to play a Shadow on the first turn the structure is played, but provide less value over time, reducing its snowball effect.

Aurora’s Dream

  • Lake cost increased from 3 to 5.

Aurora’s Dream is a card that preys on super greedy decks, but it’s the kind of card that is a lot of fun when it happens rarely. It needs to feel special. When it’s a common occurrence, it can feel very uninteractive to play against. Not only that, but mirror matches between Dream Decks are often relatively boring and extremely luck-based. Dream Decks can do basically anything once they play the dream - so we wanted to ensure they were limited to mono color lists. This would reduce a Dream deck’s ability to take advantage of various powerhouse multicolor cards that patch blue’s normal weaknesses. With Dream at 5 lakes it can still come in through mono-blue lists and prey on heavily greedy metas, but it should never be an indomitable force. Mono-Blue dream lists will naturally be much easier to deckbuild against than a wide variety of multicolor options.

Warstorm Champion is renamed to Crackthorn Beast

  • Life decreased from 4 to 3.
  • Attack decreased from 4 to 3.

We’re happy that Warstorm Champion has provided a vehicle for multicolor decks to be at the forefront of the meta. Building and playing multicolor decks can be a very varied and rewarding experience, and anything that increases the amount of viable deck building options is great in our books. However, we’ve been watching this card for some time now and feel it provides just a bit too much value in comparison to the other multicolor “champions” that are available. This change will put it more in line with its brethren, yet still give Red/Green decks a powerful goal to work toward.

Bug Fixes

  • Altar of Souls, Royal Judge, Day of the Dragons, Aurora’s Creation and Djinn’s Lamp can now be activated when Radiance is in hand.
  • Fixed a bug which sometimes caused the harvest order of creatures to be inconsistent.
  • Fixed an issue some players experienced which prevented them from changing resolution
  • Fixed a bug causing the “Spectate a friend” request to sometimes be refused and bring the account to an inconsistent state.
  • Legendaries are now displayed as “1/1” in collection (instead of “1/3”).
  • Fixed a bug causing the max deck limit to sometimes be 11 instead of 12.
  • Fixed a bug causing the zoomed card on the right to disappear after a small delay when it was just played from hand, even when the mouse cursor was on its token.
  • Fixed Steam friend suggestions that kept re-appearing at each connection.
  • Fixed a bug with the circular experience bar where previously it appeared stuck.
  • Fixed a display bug with Mythic cards where part of the border was obscuring the amount of cards in your collection.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Gabrian Archon to trigger on the wrong player when it was stolen with Magda’s Rose
  • Fixed Ranked Stars that were displayed too big in the victory screen

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Congrats guys - it all looks great! iPad app crashes on my old iPad 4, but I was kinda expecting that tbh. Otherwise, all very exciting - love the new art as always!