Fights like the level 13 Rapala quest are silly

So I made it to level 13 and am banging my head waiting for rng to be in my favor for the fight. All I want to do is move on and continue enjoying the game! After many attempts I looked up a guide to get help. I was doing what the guide I could find said to do. Which was get some haste and high attack minions to zerg the boss down, and hope you get lucky. Nothing is working for me and almost impossible to move on. Fights like this are honestly a bit pathetic and up until this point I was fine with all the unbalanced gameplay currently in game. Why do I have to suffer and rely on nothing but rng to pass a level 13 solo quest? Why is a fight like this even in the game? At the very least you could remove the stupid draw two card minions from her deck as I am yet to have a game I didn’t see 2-3 of them by like turn 5 or 6. You could even just make it so we keep our deck and the costs of our cards cost 1-2 more or something silly. It would make for a fun and hopefully somewhat challenging fight. Or you could make it so the player goes second and the bs begins after your first turn. If there is another strategy for this fight I would love to know it. Thanks!


I had no problems at all going through all quest, so which one is the Rapala one? What cards does the AI use?

I agree, this challenge was the hardest of all the quests for me. Would have been nice if it was the final boss fight. However, it is definitely doable with the right strategy.

Try using a rush deck. Minions with high attack and low health are good, especially if they have low land requirements so you can play them fast.

Use the codex and pick out these codices for your deck:


Play this deck very aggressively. Start by placing neutral plains down the center and then drop your desserts in the corners 1 space from the edges.

From these spaces you can summon your minions and easly start attacking Rapala. You will have about 6-7 turns in total to kill Rapala before you die to fatigue.

You might need to try a few times. Sometimes Rapala does get lucky with a lot of taunts, you just need to keep trying until he (she?) doesn’t draw them.

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I’ve completed all solo mode quests and this took me the longest to crack. I posted my strategy to Reddit here. It worked for me in under 10 tries.

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Having to play a specific deck for a solo quest is anti-fun. This boss is anti-fun. Why would the developers do this?

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I’m giving up on Rapala. This is turning into a 10% to win with the right cards, and 1% with anything else. I understand that he doesn’t have to follow RNG because it’s a special duel, but it’s utterly unfair and nearly unbeatable. Too much time will go by before I finally overcome something that I should had beaten in the eight frustrating hours of attempts before the victory. Developers, fix your game!

I appreciate all the help everyone and a haste deck is what I went with. I looked at my list and guess I had dreams for wisp to get the job done if I drew one. Either way I will get back to pushing through the nonsense tonight. I will check out that guide as well. My thoughts of a fight like this not belong in any game still stands. I hope the developers realize the same and change it up. If for no other reason to keep players from having that moment that could easily turn them from playing your game. So far all other fights have been fair and I love a challenge to go build a certain type of deck to move on. So they can make them as challenging as they can and I will still be here. Just make sure it doesn’t rely on pretty much 99.99% RNG for me to win. It removes fun and challenge from the game and replaces it with punishment. Cheers!

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The fish boss that makes you play a haste deck and get lucky. They also make you draw till you have 9 cards then trash your deck so you start to fatigue.

Well I finally got lucky my second game after revisions. I just removed my wind wisps and put low cost 4 attack+ minions in their place. It was also the first time in twenty+ games that two of the draw two cards weren’t played on the same turn. I hope it takes a while before I play them again. With my luck it will be in a few games though :slight_smile:

Nice! Rapala shows up again, but no more deck milling. Should be a lot easier for you now :slight_smile:

I still can’t remember that quest, but since it seems that y-Rush is the way to go, I probably played my version of it. All I know is, that I didn’t lose to him, so maybe that’ll work for you, too.

3 Shaytan Demon
3 Kalim’s Skyguard
3 Wind Soldier
3 Dune Drake
3 Air Elemental
3 Demon Wing
3 Oblivion Knight
3 Soul Drain
3 Last Nightmare
3 Oradrim Fanatic

That’s a very cheap deck, so you should have most of the cards. The Nightmares arn’t needed I guess, which you could switch for Flash Wind, if you happen to have some. If not, just put in whatever may help, but don’t care about those wimpy haste creatures, they don’t do enough damage, given the timeframe.

Ignore the wells and go straight to his face and put a desert near him, so that he can’t block it. The Air Elemental give you extra speed to accomplish this.

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If all solo quests would be solvable with one deck, that would be anti-fun. It is great that solo mode includes some harder quests that force you to think and build a deck around it. This is a deck building game after all. :wink:

That said, I agree that Rapala is pretty unforgiving and it might require some extra luck for player to crack. However, after completing all solo mode quests I think this was the only quest that felt this way, and other quests were easily solvable with some creative deck building or just playing some basic mono green/yellow rush deck.

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I look forward to that. Sadly I just don’t find fights like this difficult at all. They are actually quite easy and just rely on RNG once you realize what type of deck to make. Either way I will take any other fight with a smile on my face. Being hypoglycemic and in need of food didn’t help at all my first time vs the silly Rapala.

Well so much for finding my screenshots for this game.
3 Cutthroat Bandits
3 Hunted Outlaw
3 Syland Horsemaster
3 Maceman
3 Freedom Fighter
3 Demon Wing
3 Oradrim Templar
3 Slaughtering Shadow
3 Air Elemental
3 Dune Drake

This deck got me the win with ease. The only card that isn’t common is the Hunted Outlaw and really doesn’t need to be there. I just went for low cost 4-6 attack minions. The ones with lower attacks both helped me achieve my victory in the time given. I really think that the deciding factor of this fight is them not milling you 4 cards in one turn for 22 damage. Thanks to Freedom Fighter I was hitting face turn two and clearing taunt turn three.

Thanks, that deck won me the first game against Rapala (utilising Air Elemental for early desert placement and high attack low cost / haste creatures was KEY)

It is a terrible gimmick that isn’t fun or satisfying to complete. I think silly is too nice a word for such an abysmally thought out quest.

The quest is out there, because this way you have to play and use a rush deck. It simple teaching you how to play an aggrodeck. Another sideeffekt is that you have to adjust your deck to the quest. I really love something like that, because this way you have to think a little bit.
First i was annoyed and frustrated too. But after a few minutes thinking about it, it was so much easier.

I have to agree that this quest needs some attention. It doesn’t fit smoothly into the difficulty curve a player has seen up until this point and requires specific cards. Even after all that, it still requires a good amount of luck.

When people are bragging about beating it in fewer than 10 tries after tuning their deck specifically for this quest, you can imagine that some number of people are going to simply quit, rather than try 10 more times.

Honestly, I’m one of those. I’ll probably give it a few more tries and then will move on to other games.

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The huge buff to “Hold the Line!” by way of Imperial Guards a few patches back made this tough fight even harder. Anyone who beat it more than 2 weeks ago had it easier.

Perhaps it should be re-calibrated back to a more manageable difficulty.


I would like to first bring up that this post is pretty old. That being said I just went through rapala for a second time and I used my old deck again. I ran into bad rng for 2 rounds and easy peasy on the third. I stilla gree with it being silly though and it cracks me up they kept it around.@Nagumo Who needs a lesson at playing rush? Take care all and don’t worry enough tries and rng will be on your side. I used the same deck for all three fights vs. her and had no isses. Cheers!:slight_smile: