First impressions / questions from Dreamhack players

Good morning guys!

Yesterday I was at Dreamhack ( J0k3se at DREAMHACK (pics!) ) and tried to promote Faeria.

One of the first questions I asked people when they were drawn to this beautiful game and needed some help was “Have you played Hearthstone or MTG?”. Very very many said no to this, which is incredibly exciting! There are a lot of players out there that were drawn to Faeria even though they hadnt played some of the biggest TCG games! I kind of assumed most players that pick up Faeria would be into games like MTG and HS, and so does the developers I think since they are doing a lot of commercial via famous HS players. But this game seems to interest a wider audience, hurray for that!

Interestingly enough, the people who did say they play/played Hearthstone almost always began to explain how they dont like all the RNG in it. This is something important to listen to I feel, a good opportunity to acquire some of HS playerbase (im not saying this just because I’m not a fan of the Faeria RNG).


This is good to hear. Do you think the devs’ target market is players that haven’t played a CCG before or those who want something different from what they’ve already played?

I ask because I’ve really been wondering what Faeria’s USP is lately. It used to be deep strategical games with little RNG but enough to keep things interesting. Nowadays I am really not so sure. Yes there is a living board but I don’t think on its own this is enough to succeed.