Growing Creatures

I want to talk about Firebringer, Zealous Crusader and Soul Eater.

Purpose of the cards:

  • Make games shorter
  • New archetype
  • Epic comebacks

I have lost countless games that I was way ahead in (and ofc some that were even) just because my opponent drops one of those three creatures. Most of the games when I lost to those creatures, I would however have won or lost one or a few turns later. So they do speed up games, but not really by that much. Often times it just feels like they change who the winner is, which can be frustrating.

I am curious what other people think, because I know that there are a lot of players who prefer the quicker games (that the growing creatures help achieve). I dont mind long games personally.

What do you think about cards designed to give players a comeback? I feel like they are okay to include in Pandora, probably also in constructed, but I would like them to be a bit different, not sure how though. Any suggestions?


This forum is awesome!!! The devs are constantly watching over it, and your change will surely get into the game within at most 48 hours!!! I agree with you totally, by the way!!! :grinning:

We read everything - we just can’t realistically respond to it all.

Thanks for the feedback!


Sorry. I just expected an Early Access game to be more open to community advice, but I guess that is kind of unrealistic. Many people want major game changes or have terrible ideas, you can’t possibly do them all (even if you wanted to). But, while I have the chance to talk to a developer (unless you are just pretending ;)), could you mention to your team changes for Ignus, the First Flame? Please??? Thanks for responding so promptly.

Thanks for the sign of dev existence!

Ignus is a creature we’ve discussed internally a few times since he’s gotten his new, beautiful art. We’d definitely like to see him get more play than he currently tends to. We’ll see what happens!

To be clear, I’m not a developer - but a Community Manager. Consider me one of the liasons between you and the developers. If the developers spent all day reading forums they’d never get anything done with Ignus.


i don’t mind soul eater: it’s most of the time the winning condition for the deck that is all build around that one card.

Zealous is probably the most annoying one. a rush deck is (imo) to spam small minion and just zerg your opponent. it does not need a finisher like the crusader to win. your minion zerg fails … too bad, that’s the risk for a rush deck : either you take an advantage early game, or either you loose, no comeback! so this card could jsut be removed without hurting yrush that much…

Firebringer … tough one… in itself it’s an OK card, problem is that there is the 4/4 - 0 cost based on the same synergy with it. Plus, the synergy is already pretty strong in itself, with some 5/4 for 3, 6/4 for 4, and those acrds are already strong themselve. i would rather balance those other card tahn firebringer itself (wich is a rather slow).

tldr : growing creatures are fine for control decks, do not make them usable in a rush/aggro deck :slight_smile:

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I also don’t matter Soul Eater much, that’s the core of the gameplay, after all, and the whole deck revolves more or less around them. Maybe it could be toned a little (like charge 2 instead of 3), but I don’t think it’s such a problem.

However, concerning Crusader : IIRC it’s supposed to be a reward for pushing damage in. But I feel that pushing damage in is already a reward in itself (plus, there’s also the Prayer …). Anyway, at least you can do something (or try to) to avoid this. You simply have to not get hit too much (well, I know this is nigh impossible sometimes, and that heavily depends on both starting hands, but at least you can try to).

What I really feel unfair is when I struggle against low-cost powerful aggressors, and then a 7/7 or 8/8 for a ridiculous cost or a near-0 cost 4/4 are dumped next to my orb, no matter what I try to do to defend. To me, that’s really the shittiest feeling (yes, I’m obviously talking about Mid Red/Red rush) and I’ll often rage quit just after that happens. Yes, I know that these cards are dead unless you get the correct cards to go with, and I wouldn’t mind having them as a wincon for a weaker deck (like Soul Eater in sac decks), but the angry creatures are already one of the best quality/price ratio there is and already a wincon by themselves. I’m not saying Mid Red or Red rush are the strongest decks out there (I’d actually think it’s blue), but it certainly feels dumb to play against a deck that drops mindlessly big minion after big minion, while erasing whatever defense you can muster, and I’m really tired to deal with that crap since many months.

End of the rant (feel pretty good, now) :slight_smile:


Hello Anjo,
already sorry for my bad english but i really want put a commentary there.
Jok3se bring a real subject on the forum, and we can debate on it, its a productiv thing.
You come and directly accuse abrakham team to ignore community, that make me anrgy.
Your forum account is 2 day old, you create it just to “vent your anger” on the forum?
I look for a discord account but seems you don’t have (or you don’t use teh same pseudo).
I don’t know if you are playing this game since long time, or if u even try to be heard by community, but i don’t thing you use the good way to.
For information, Dev/community manager are really present on discord, i often /w them and they always answer (i don’t say u have to badger them always). I never saw a game (i don’t even talk of early access, just a game) where dev communicate that much with community, about all and everything.
After that, all is not perfect, and ofc, we sometime expect more than they give to us, but that useless blame make me so angry, and i want to share it with u.
I will not flood more, this is not the subjet of the post, if u have something to answer, u can directly contact me on discord, wisp or general.

And for the subject, i think those creature are a problem too, maybe we have to limitate there grow (like +8/+8 for crusader, a 10/10 already a good thing ^^).


I think Soul Eater is okay. It grows slowly and you know it’s coming eventually if you play against GY sacrifice. You have a lot of time to prepare for it. If the infinite growing was removed, sac would have a hard time winning finishing off their opponent. The deck is too defensive otherwise.

Firebringer is annoying, but it’s usually not too strong. It grows fairly slowly and it’s usually only played late in the match, while the red player is losing. So you can usually deal with it. It’s better than it should be against mono green, though. Mono red shouldn’t have a way to make bigger creatures than green. It’s too hard for green to deal with, since they have no hard removal or transformations.

Zealous Crusader is both annoying and overpowered, because it can grow very fast thanks to Sagittarius and Khalim’s Followers. It can be played as a 12/12 really early on in the match, which is very hard to kill without hard removal. You can stop it from growing by preventing hits to your orb, but it’s not always feasible. Especially since Sagittarius can hit your orb from the other side of the map.

It really sucks to lose against that Crusader, since it allows yellow to win even when the other player would otherwise win by far. It turns the matches into a gamble on whether or not you can draw removal fast enough to deal with the Crusader, since it’s very hard to stop with just creatures.


First, sorry for my english.

I do not play anymore to this game because i do not have much fun because of those growing creatures and overall balance but i still waiting and hoping that the devs will hear us and make some changes because i love the game mechanics.

In my opinion zealous, firebringer are really bad for the game and unfair but soul eater is ok… Let me explain why…

Compar to other games, in faeria u only earn 3 “manas” a turn… And that’s all the point ! I mean, in other game u will survive the agression, until the mana curve is higer then playing your huge threat and outvalue your opponent… Here, Why playing a ctrl deck? The answer is because of card like soul eater, 3 wishes or cards with high land requirement like windborne champion… So in my opinion giving those cards to a rush deck is a bad idea because this is killing control advantage and also make rush too strong…

Compare a soul eater who cost 5 + 6 lands requirement and who ask to kill your own creatures (not really easy) to

  • a firebringer who cost 4 and no difficult land requirement and only ask to play creatures with more attack … who are always great by herself because they can win most game alone.
  • a zealous who cost 5 and also no difficult land requirement and only ask to hit orb (3 times and that’s nearly a win)… also the y rush can win without zealous, the hit orb requirement is nothing wrong for the deck…

Ok sou leater have charge… but the rush decks do not need that they are near the oppenent orb…


Atmaz is correct, we look at every post that our players make (including the new replies to every old post) so it’s nigh on impossible to respond to every single post. Just know that we are passing this information through to the Devs. :slight_smile:


Hello all,

Not a lot to add from what people already said but just want to add my voice to up this thread.

Concerning Green/Yellow Sac : I think Soul Eater is definitely in a good place right now. Control deck or deck created around one (three copies) card deserve something big. I understand that new player can be frustrated when facing this kind of card and felt that it is OP but it is not. It is just strong especially in some matchups or if you don’t know how to react early when facing it (Same goes for Running for example that seems so strong when you just start the game but is definitely not a tier 1 card right now).

About Red Midrange : I think the previous “nerf” was far from being good enough. Changing the bomb slinger had a really small impact (making Falcon dive a good tech card and bomb slinger slowly disappearing from the RedMid deck) and the Hate seed change was kind of a joke I think. There were a lot a voices about giving a minimum cost (like giant) but maybe they didn’t shout it strong enough ;). I don’t think firebringer is the real issue here. I think multiple really good and really synergistic cards are the issue : Axe Grinder, Shedim Pest, Fire Elemental, Hate Seed even Syland Horsemaster or Outland Ranger. I don’t think angry synergie should be reworked (once again) but it is clearly too strong right now. Some cards should be removed from this synergie (2/3 Syland and outland for example) and some stats should be reduced for the one staying here.

About Yellow Rush : I think I will definitely have a biased opinion here since I don’t like playing with or against this kind of deck but I’ll try my best ;). Rush and especially Yellow Rush is all about knowing how to place your early lands in order to go face as much as possible. I’m ok with this and there should be some easy wins and some hard counter (Green and taunt especially). The face strategy is also supported by some synergie like the khalim’s prayer or the oradrim sagitarrius that are here to prevent you from collecting and I’m also kind of ok with this and finally a lot of movement cards to help you go face once again. But the crusader is another card (three copies) that benefit from the face strategy and really punish the defender that was able to stabilise and commit a lot in order to do so especially with the help of movement and removal cards (which yellow has a lot of). If the card should stay as it is stat wise I would make it a 5 yellow lands requirement or simply a legendary to make sure it is juste a one copy off.



Making Horsemaster and Outlandranger into 2/3’s would be a fantastic step in the right direction I feel, good idea! :slight_smile:

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I have struggled with Soul Eater when I’ve encountered it but I have not seen it enough to say if it’s an actual problem. I also cannot say much about Red Midrange Firebringer. However, I have definitely found that Crusader is far too strong with Yellow Rush. I’ve added my voice to the discussion specifically on this here. Maybe balance would be fine with +1/+1,+2/+2 just seems crazy with the cards that yellow has.

Suggested changes that I like a lot :slight_smile:

  • Make Horsemaster a 2/3
  • Make Outland Ranger a 2/3
  • Crusader, 5D requirement (maybe lower cost by 1F?)

i am not sure that the good answer is, when a card mechanic is a problem and we know that card, to nerf other cards. For exemple, make outland 2/3 because of firebringer/seed just just focalise on 1 deck, but the outland is played and balance in some other deck, and this 3/2 stats have sence in those deck (for exemple, Ycontrol or Yarchey).
I think we better focus on the card who is the true problem.
I am not for nerf in général, i prefere delete a card that create too big probleme in the meta (or totally rework it) or buff other card to balance the meta.
For exemple, i am totally not for a garudan nerf, but i really agree with a boost of the 3 others dragons to balance it (i know its no easy).

Ah, makes sense! Well, I hope something happens sometime… now, just to wait…

Wow. I didn’t mean for my post to be so outrageous. I guess it is impossible to tell tone on the internet, but I just meant to say to Jok3se that it is pretty much hopeless to want to change anything from here, especially something so big as what he wants changed. Sorry if I angered you, I was just being the pessimistic person that I am. And, technically, my statement was correct, as it is the Community Managers that look at the posts, not the devs… But, never mind. Thanks for your feedback, and I changed my old post to make it more uplifting.

P.S. I will probably never post here again, so you won’t have to worry about further insults to the system. :wink:

I’m sorry but your statement is factually incorrect. What would be the point of having a team of Community Managers and Moderators if they don’t feed back the information to the Developers? It’s the whole point of their (my) existence.

Change is a necessary part of any multiplayer game, especially a CCG, and the opinions of the players guides what that change may be. Of course, we can’t make every change that every single player wants as some of them are often contradictory. However, if the change has sufficient backing by the community, and aligns with the overall goals of the Devs, then there is a good chance of it being implemented in some form.

So, by all means continue to post constructive criticism of Faeria as we want to make sure that you guys are happy. We read every post to make sure we’re doing that. :slight_smile:


So people seem to agree that Soul Eater isn’t as much of a problem. But I would like to know if anyone who feels Zealous Crusader or Firebringer are not overpowered in the Yellow Rush and Red Midrange decks respectively? It may be useful to approach this debate from another angle.