Hey, how do you face that ? 1 883 242 496 attack?

This is not a fake, here is the screenshot, taken with the help of guim112.

Isn’t it too much for only one creature ? Otherwise, the race is launched !


Indeed that was incredible to do that ■■■■ with you :joy: Idk if someone has done a bigger monster but it’s probably one of the most amazing thing ever done on this very nice game. Tanks to @Ampakine for helping :wink:

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People may have experimented with ursus before huehuehue
Nice going though! I think after a certain point it gets negative attack briefly and then goes back to max again.
I suggest posting this in Faeria Screenshot Thread too :smiley:

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It seemed like such a good idea, too, until your opponent dropped an Apex Predator!

8 byte integer?

It uses the same thing HS does, cept when it gets negative attack it doesn’t automatically kill the creature like in HS. In other words I’ve no idea what that means \o/

@Sulphur Yes, when it is close to 100 000 or 1 000 000, I didn’t remember, the attack goes red and then it goes green again after taking one damage.

@Wavelength The apex will worth it, hahaha

@Sulphur Wait, in Hearthstone, they kill the creature if you get an integer overflow error? Thats total BS

@Wavelength They probably use 32 bit ints (i.e. 4 byte ints)