How does this card work? How best to use this card?

As a beginner, there are many cards I don’t know how it works or how to use it. I don’t have enough memoria to craft and test them so here are the questions.

Hoping to use this thread for all the questions so they don’t clog up the forum.

I looked them up on official wiki but it doesn’t have any additional information.


Flying , Charge 2 Gift - Transform all your other creatures into creatures that cost 2 faeria more.

Does it replenish the health of all friendly creatures to their new … version? And does the transformation limit them to only transform to creatures of the same colour/land requirement/rarity?


Gift - Change another friendly creature’s base Attack and Life to 6/6.

I used this card once in pandora but the new creature only became 6/6. The creature that got transformed had life to begin with so I was expecting at least 6/7 (that 6/6 would be added to that creature’s original stat, at least 0/1). Did I misunderstood, how does it work?

Orosei is good because it lets you flood the board with lower cost/value creatures, and then buff them up. However, because it’s so random, it’s not really a competitive card.

Aurora is the same idea. It lets you transform a collector or a 1/1 into a 6/6, allowing you to get more value out of a body with an effect, for example, using Aurora on a Grim Guard to get more value from its combat effect.

Thanks notencore. Does Orosei’s transformed creatures get the first turn effect of those creatures with Gift, Haste, etc?

Gift yes, Haste no. Transformations remove ongoing effects, Gift is not an ongoing effect, but Haste is. That means if you have a hasted creature out, attack with it before transforming, or it will lose haste.

I see. Thanks. This is more complicated than I thought. :sweat_smile:

I got another couple.

Voice of Truth

Gift - Restores a creature to its original Attack and Life.

Is that the Attack and Life on the card originally before any buffs or is it the numbers when you put it on the board?

Wild Avenger

Gains 1 Life for each time you have been damaged this game.

Is that god/orb damage or creature/structure damage?

Oh, I found out if you give charge bonus to an unit that already has charge, they do not stack. A bit disappointing.

Gifts actually don’t activate if you transform into a gift creature with Orosei. That makes Orosei a somewhat risky card to use, since there are creatures like Royal Judge that have bad stats for their cost because of their strong gift effect.

Voice of Truth changes the life and attack to the creature’s base stats, before any buffs.

Wild Avenger only gets buffed by damage dealt to its summoner’s orb.

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Voice of Truth is especially powerful against cards like Soul Eater, Zealous Crusader or Apex Predator :slight_smile:

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I have a question too. How come when God Haunter is taunted by another creature he can’t move and can’t attack but when Iona, Beloved by All has taunt she can be attacked?
Shouldnt it be for consistency that taunt overrides both passives?
(And yes, I know that otherwise you could put Iona in front of your orb and stall the game)

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This was brought up in another thread. Yeah, just like you said because Iona can’t be attacked, putting Taunt on her freezes the game and they made an exception with her. Taunt works for any other creature, if I understand correctly.

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Why is Ostregoth not in the crafting section? In fact, no information about it can be found in the game, only in the wiki. Can you get it only from Doomsgate?

That’s correct. Ostregoth is an emboldened keyword on Doomgate, Door to Oblivion, but for some reason doesn’t have a tooltip.

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With Aurora’s Creation and Egg of Wonder, do you get a copy of buffed/transformed version of the creature or only base-stat creature? For example, something like the Voice of Hunger or Zealous Crusader.

And when is the best time to use Wavecrafter? Is it when opponent has a lot of faeria in the bank, or early game when he may not be able to use his cards due to land limitation or lack of target?
May be some other situation?

With Auroras creation you will get the buffed versions but I am not sure about Egg of Wonder!

About Wavecrafter, it is usually good to play in both of the situations you described. It is also good to play if you will end up being on 0F after you end your turn, that way you can go all the way up to 7F (or more) on your next turn, from zero that is really nice! :slight_smile:

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How does Three Wishes decide which are the top 3 cards in opponent’s deck? Are they selected from opponent’s original deck or remaining deck at the time of playing Three Wishes?

I learnt from playing Pandora that Ruuin’s (the Legendary) reincarnations is unaffected by any buff or debuff in her past existence on the board.

Played with Ostrogoth for the first time. His Charge 13 is kind of overkill. :laughing:

How cool is that :smiley:
I think it’s the remaining deck. Because I played against a 3 wish deck once he played it and got Sheddim Brute, the same card I drew

So the top 3 cards, are they the most expensive ones in terms of faeria, or the most rare ones (like Legendary, Epic, etc.)?

The 3 first cards he will draw (on top of his deck, so…)


If I frogify/transform or sacrfice/replace my own creatures before they have moved or attacked, will the replacements be able to move and attack that turn?

With flying and aquatic creatures, sometimes I can’t build land under them but sometimes I can. How does this work? Is it to do with enemy/friendly creatures or because of flying/aquatic nature of the creatures?

Nope. Learned it the hard way with Mirror Phantasm.

I think the rules are (other than that it has to be an ocean tile to place a land)
a) place lands adjacent to lands you control
b) adjacent to a land an opponent controls if a creature you control is on it

So if there is a flying creature on an ocean tile you can only place if one of those rules apply.

At least that’s how I think it is.


I make this “mistake” today. I moved one of my battle toads, didn’t attack, then transformed it with Mirror Phantasm and it could still attack orb. I guess the trick is to move it first? It jumped before transformation, if that makes any difference.

Edit: @Jeffbert
Use Mirror Phantasm to transform Wind Soldier before attacking. It couldn’t attack anymore. I guess it depends whether the creature was on the board the turn before…

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