How to improve at Faeria - A guide

“Prophet of Tides has to move the same land twice.”

Anyone tried to move a land once and just wait the end of your turn so you are not forced to move it a second time ??

I haven’t, but I’m pretty sure that would be an abuse.
But I think it should be reworded in : “move one land up to 2 times”, because it certainly feels stupid when you have only one free space to move it, and you have to put it back in place (I’ve seen a few players do that, I guess they weren’t very happy ^^)

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Updated “Land placement”.

I have not tried that! Most of the time you want to move a land to do something unexpected on your turn :slight_smile: I agree with Foxclear that it would be an abuse and also that it should be reworded to be more clear!

Call me a noob, but I think when I attacked an adjacent minion with a ranged minion I didn’t take damage?? oO

That sounds weird! Can you try to do it again? Was the creature you attacked also a ranged creature?

Other Game mechanics you should know about:

  • “If this creature gathers from a(n opponents’) Faeria (well)” (Luduan, Fortune Hunter): If you have more than one creature next to said Faeria well, the one collecting it is decided by the order you played your creatures on the board. Example: You summoned Farm Boy (1), Luduan (2) and Water Elemental (3) (in that order). If all of them stand next to the opponents’ well, you won’t get a random blue card. If you move the Farm Boy away, the next harvest Luduan will collect and you will get a random blue card.

  • That was absolutely not clear to me and which creature actually collected seemed kinda random to me, until I tested it some minutes ago.

  • “If you’ve played… this creature gains…” (example: Ruunin’s Avenger: Gain 1 Life for each time you’ve been dealt damage this game.): Means "while this card was in your deck, hand or on the field. It will not count the stacking bonus, before it was in the game. Like when you got the creature from transform or add a random card (Bloomsprite).

    • This is not the text on the card, so either the card or the effect should be changed. (Other cards already have a text like “(while this is in your hand or deck)”, so this one could be “(while this is in your hand, deck or on the board)”)


  • Charge vs. Taunt: If you start moving your charge creature on a not taunted tile, you can make the full charge movement, even if one or more of passed tiles are affected by a taunt creature. So it’s possible to roll past a taunt creature without being stopped.
    • Explanation: Charge is being used in a single movement, rather than tile by tile.

Other Card mechanics:

  • Egg of Wonders: The creature it turns into will suffer from the summon sickness (not being able to move or attack the same turn) - So “become a copy of it” is not the same as “transform”. though the reason might as well be, that Egg of Wonders is a structure, that wasn’t able to attack or move anyways.
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Updated with Removal numbers. (version 0.8.6097.27846)

Really nice guide, why i dont see it when i started in the game

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Removed dead links and added a link to the Oracle text post :slight_smile:

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With many new players coming to Faeria, I want to know what I could add to help them? Any suggestions?

Updated removal numbers and some game/card mechanics! Thanks @Taiyodori

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Really appreciated.

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Updated with Removal numbers. (version 0.9.6186.34667) and @Taiyodori’s Yellow Rush defense-guide :slight_smile:

Thanks for this! Great help for a new player like myself.

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Literally started yesterday but found this Very useful.

Thanks :smile:

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Updated “removal numbers” and “game mechanics you should know about”.

A great guide on mechanics. The strategy of what you can/can’t do with cards is very useful for new players, as well as the map showing how Faeria is harvested.

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Updated: Removals (Derelict Tower) and Prophet of Tides mechanic.

Updated removal

I am new to the game and found this an excellent introduction to get me thinking about the key fundamentals. Now need to go and apply it :). Thank you.

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