In-Game Replay-Mode?

I would really like it to have a replay-mode for my last game (and perhaps if it was a great game the option to save it for later) as I really often come into a situation where I lost a game and then want to see what the mistake was that made me lose - but as the boardstate is so complex it’s rather hard to track how the exact situation was in a specific moment.

That would be a feature I would really like to see in the future even though I know that it’s probably really hard to implement correctly…


The Replays is very good idea. I suppose, Faeria must have it. Implementation is not so hard, much more easy then Pandora :). But helps players to understand their mistakes and good solutions of an opponents. Players be able to share their cool games to frends and to community. It will be possible to post replays from tournament and perform some activity, like “best replay” and so on. We will be glad to see Replays in the TODO list. :smile:


Agreed! Coming from SC2 and CS:GO, I think replays are an essential feature to allow competitive players to learn from their mistakes.


Yes. I mentioned in another topic but it didn’t step towards being more clear about this very topic, sorry to feel like I’m taking a spotlight or something… indeed I really want to see if we can even take a 30-second segment of a “WONDERFUL play” or like you mentioned the very end where we can see our mistakes or amazing ending turn. Basically, an “in-game featured clip” or take it even a step further to be able to submit for evaluation as being “innovative” or “seeing lethal where it would not have been”, it’s only 30-seconds anyways.

Definitely nice to see more and more people supporting having the option to review our own in-game play.

Thumbs up!


I agree as well. Coming from a new level 11 player

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So are there any plans for this? This is a must feature for serious game in my opinion. And Faeria seems to targeting e-sports and whatnot. Currently there is no way to analyze/review your (and others) games, this is quite limiting. And for the love of …, do not suggest screen recording as that is just stupid for such task. What can be <1KB game actions file, becomes 200MB video.


I love this idea. not only as you said to go back over missed opportunities and mistakes, but also as a community tool. awesome posts and plays of our favorite moments from our most recent games. and it would make recording fun videos easier, because the youtuber could go back through their recent games to find examples of plays that they are referencing. Devs, if you are listening, this is an awesome idea!


pushing this suggestion since i wanted to suggest it too.
having replays would be a nice feautre, at the end its just a log file which shouldnt be so
big when you have concern about space.

being able to share or rewatch favorite moments after the game just helps to spread the word aboutt his game.



I REALLY wanted to show the move I just did to my friend, who is sleeping!!!

So I typed google if there was a way to show him =/.

Replay is this game is a MUST, too many epic plays!!!

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yes please, I want replays too.

I can’t remember my mistakes or make any strategic analysis.

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