Introducing myself and first impressions


I am an old hearthstone player who loves this kind of videogames - but not the cardgames, in other words: I dont like MtG at all.

Since HS introduced its rotation I felt ripped off and what i did was: not pay blizzard a single dime and instead fund and test every other serious alternative. Faeria the most recent.

=the paradigm=

I believe that currentcompetitors for HS can only hope to take a segment of its players. HS will be king, but also will be the pop of cccg: the one that everyone can play. Faeria for example, can aim to “steal” part of the player base. In this case a more skilled than the average and -i hope- less f2pish player base.

== my impression ==

After 7 hours of play I believe this game may succeed in this strategy: It’s fluent. Pretty, deep enough, and fun!. There are

  1. Paid full collection. This is very important and the reason why I think Duelyst and Chornicle: runescape legends failed: hardcore HS players have not abandoned it yet! A painful and long grind with very low collection or a 300$ pay is not an option while HS is still there. Smart move ( asked repeatedly for subscription mode in other games)

  2. Tournament mode / options ingame. They’re in the main screen. That’s a winner because that player base will want to check it out - at the very least they will stay hoked following the community

  3. Inmediate absence of RNG early game win/loss. That’s the burn factor in HS and even in other competitors. It takes very short time to realize that tempo in this game doesnt snowball hard and high mana RNG cards will be fun yet healthy option in game design in the future.

== The big risks

Imagine my surprise after my first pandora run today when I saw “artifacts” and could not help to ask myself: “This seems artificial doesnt it? Are they trying to be hearthstone here?”

Then I come to the forums and there! there’s a lot of discussion about it.

IMO this game can fail if… they try too much to be HS. I saw already posts showing the “old” card esthetics and board and day cycle: all looks like an awesome update of the current version of the game. Unbelievable.

Regardless, I think its fine. Only those artifacts in Pandora run need to be removed ASAP or at least be seamlessly integrated in the game. This is an exHS-player repeller. The important part is to not have any other factor like this.

== minor details

Did any of you struggle a bit with the UI at the start? Things like understanding what is not final art, the “codexes” , the shadow coin and pandora coin - for which I still dont know the difference and the Solo mode presentation. It doesnt look polished , and it gave me a bad impresision before playing the first game - hey , some people may actually close the game and uninstall at that point right? Attention spams in nanoseconds!


Well and hope to finally have found a new game to play! What do you think? Who should I watch to learn the game?

Anyone would like to practice up?

Hey GralQ and welcome to Faeria!

Thank you for taking the time to write this post, it is always very fun/interesting to hear what newer players first impressions are!
For the risks you mention, the pandora artifacts, it is a very hot topic currently so any feedback about it very valuable, thank you!

For the UI issues, I know this is not something that is easy to answer, because sometimes you just get a feeling that something is off, but can’t really say why - but how would you improve it?

I’m always up for practice games, msg me on Discord when you have the time :slight_smile: Did you see Kripparians video yet where he explains the basics? If you want some more in-depth strategy I recommend watching one of the videos where I coach players and/or read my guide!

My guide:

If you look around in the forum and the subreddit you will also find a lot of other great guides/tips/videos by other players! I link some of them in my guide :slight_smile:

Looking forward to play with you!

Great & interesting feedback! My top three players to watch & from who I learn the most are Cappuccino (or Kappaccino, same player), Gravekper and Blackscape, and Luuu90 too…ok, that’s my top 4 :slight_smile:

hey colorspiral :smiley: … thx for the Feedback :smiley:
Thats so cool! :slight_smile: thx!

thanks for the reply, very appreciated!. Discord app works with a separate account right?

Yup! here is a link