Matchmaking for new guy


Playing cards games last few years, today is my first day with Faeria.
First 3 hours - omg this game is amazing, and really want to play more but i donkt know, this matchmaking, its not funny when You playing every game vs. experienced players, vs really good decks with powerful cards. Yes, propably You can win vs good decks when You playing only basics cards but not when You are newbie…
I know there is “solo” mode but vs. AI is so boring, its ok for first 30 minutes.
Every game “serching” is about 2 minutes, maybe game looking for newbie players for me but there is no more newbies? If no, matchmaking is really bad, if yes… even worse for game.
I know there is “solo” mode but vs. AI is so boring, its ok for first 30 minutes.

Hi yakaart and welcome to Faeria!

The matchmaking tries to match you versus other players of similar skill/level/elo. If there is noone queing at the same time with you with similar skill/level/elo, the search-algorithm will look for the second best fit, etc.

Depending on the time of day you might have a hard time running into new players, it gets especially difficult since you can make progress quite quickly in Faeria (new players get pretty good decks pretty quickly), but that is also good news for you :slight_smile:

Try again tomorrow, and if that doesnt help, try again in the weekend, there is always a lot more activity in the weekend!

If you havent already, I recommend you check out this guide How to improve at Faeria - A guide, it has helped a lot of new players, as well as

See you ingame!

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I cant agree that solo is boring. The puzzle are quit difficult and the AI opponents have some ‘cheats’ for there advantage to deal with. Also knowing that you receive cards for solving solo and you can learn about cards and mechanics it should be a must to play solo first.