My bugs #2 (moved from feedback post)

Moved from My Feedback #2 as it’s kinda separate.

  • AI uses Gabrian Enchantment even when its boosting your damage, and it doesn’t use it on its own - even just choosing not to use the Gabrian Enchantress’s gift rather than upgrading a friendly 1-11.
  • Sky swallower never has wings, but it’s flying.
  • Placed protection twice on same unit in same turn (protect attack protect). Last one didn’t display, but worked.
  • Trees often show in front of creature icons.
  • Creature icons sometimes obscure opponent god health.
  • Can’t play Iona’s Mirror for 2nd time. Can’t remember what I duped 1st time, but shouldn’t it always work if it has already worked?
  • I got a Magda in a chest and now I can’t find her. (I only delete cards using the auto-remove-excess, or carefully for mythic legendaries). Did the wrong card display?


  • Eredon’s drum description possibly needs clarification. Does everywhere include hand and deck? Where generally refers to locations, like the board. Cards don’t have locations.
  • Tiki Piper & Tiki Caretaker should swap roles IMHO. Caretakers look after health. Pipers give inspiration. (It’d probably be best to swap names and images so people’s decks only change aesthetically).
  • Default Avatar, Orb, Card Back, Wells are labelled rare. Shouldn’t these be “Common”?

Land objects occasionally show incorrectly or in the wrong place. I wonder if there could be a special hotkey to rebuild all graphical entities, like F5.

(terrain lingering after my meteor near my orb)

(where is that tile? I guessed wrong)

(Couldn’t place a land tile. Not sure if this is just the graphics not displaying the true land arrangement, or whether it’s a game engine bug.)

  • Linux PC steam client.
  • Xubuntu 16.10 (kernel = 4.10)
  • Radeon RX 480 (driver = mesa 17.1)