My deck, opinions wanted :)

Hey guys, new player here, been playing for a few weeks now, i mostly play yellow rush and this deck that i made:
So any suggestion to make it better would be appreciated.

Thanks, and Cheers :slight_smile:

Why do you want red? There is synergy between Shedim Brute and Gabrian Enchantment but that’s all I can see. You have lot of events but no event-related creatures… Quite a few Elementals but you excluded Crackthorn Beast? None of the red cards need more than 2 mountains so you can do without it. Spellwhirl is a bit random, I wouldn’t include it unless you need events to boost creatures with event-related buffs.

I am new to deck building too. Hope that helps. Usually it would be better if you explain your thinking behind the design of the deck.

Thia deck has Way too many events! You are putting yourself at risk of a situation when you draw nothing but events for the first few turns, which is insta-loss. Also, mixed decks are slower/harder to play than mono and mono/neutral

I suggest you remove the red cards from the deck entirely, replacing them all with Blue Creatures. Gemsilk Faerie and Aurora’s Disciple have event synergies, I suggest 3 of each in an event-rich deck like yours; Tyranax is expensive, but only needs one lake and has good stats, have a couple of those; Finally, Battle Toad has haste and jump, and Humbling Vision will let you cut your losses in a tough fight - again, a couple of each of those. If you don’t have enough room for all these changes, remove one of the Sturdy Shells and/or one of the Wavecrash Colossi - both are so situational you should be all right with 2

I’m sorry if this is patronizing but I tried to explain the reason behind my suggestions

Thanks for the replys, i was running a mono blue deck, but it wasnt working out for me, i always found i was lacking removal thus the red cards(which were working very well for the few games i played with them), maybe i was lucky the few games i played with this deck but i was never lacking creatures i usually got a few with spellwhirl, i will include Gemslik Faerie when i have enough crystals to craft them. Goal of this deck was control, with sustained damage over time(Seifers wrath and shedim brute) and usually i just finished the game with either a buffed Sturdy shell or Wavecrash colossus. Took the idea from the typical Blue/red Counter/burn deck from MTG, only wish we had counterspells in faeria :smiley: . I will think about your suggestions which all seem pretty vaild, so thanks! :slight_smile:

Edit: will probably switch 1x Fire elemental and 1x lore thief for 2x Gemslik faerie today if i get enough crystals :))

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Welcome to the game!

Coming from MTG there are a few really big differences in the game theory of Faeria that can trip you up. Easily the two most significant, imo, is that card advantage is not as important (guaranteed faeria, non-emptying pools, and the draw option on the wheel really push efficient tempo over straight card advantage) and that board control is much more important (without counters you can’t be proactive with spells, and event removal is very limited).

That in mind, some quick thoughts on your deck/card choices:
Spellwhirl: Spellwhirl is a really cool, really fun card that is kind of a trap for MTG converts. It screams card advantage but the lack of control really hampers its usefulness. Mostly it is useful for decks that want event triggers (aurora’s disciple, snowstorm lancer). Of note is that it costs 0, but the cards it gets you aren’t reduced and you don’t know what they are, so you’re average faeria cost is going to be deceptively low.

Gabrian: I really like the enchant effect (it is also on Gabrian Enchantress) but I’m not sure you’re running enough targets. Shell is great, but with aquatic it can be hemmed in away from the action. Shedim is a cool target that I haven’t seen before, but still might have bad trades (any of the various 7/7s that see play. You might want an extra target or two if getting value from Enchant is your main plan. If that is the case Enchantress is also worth considering to help make sure you draw it.

Lore Thief/Elementals: I assume these are somewhat collection-based choices, but the lack of heavy early game land requirements and the questionable need for card draw make these cuttable if you have things to add. Water elemental is a great double collector though, jump is pretty sweet.

Wavecrash Colossus: A nice, big beater. But if your plan is mostly to sit back at your own wells and play control it will be tricky to get a significant enough reduction to make them auto-includes. A more mid-rangey plan or if double collecting with shell/water elemental tends to work well for you then these’ll be great.

Possible inclusions: Grim Guard (a taunt with incidental damage and a gabrian target), snowstorm lancer (event synergies + gabrian target), Aurora’s Disciple (big event pumps), the above mentioned faeries (although as epics they are pricey).

Adding these all would probably not be a good idea but they all serve a purpose. I think more than anything you need to decide whether you plan to sit back and control or play a mid-rangey event-burn deck and go from there.

Good luck!

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I agree with the people before me, but wanted to tell you about The Hub. There you can build your decks and get a detailed stats, and it’s even more aestethic. There are bunch of decks from other people as well, so you can get inspired.

In addition, try to build your deck to follow a given win condition, not just facing the opponent down to 0. Try to balance out the Events and the Creatures, especially paying attention to early Faeria Collectors, because they literally win the game. Another advice would be, if you want to run a dual coloured deck (which I understand I always like those more than mono decks), try to understand their advantage (in your case Blue can control the board with “passive-aggressive” effects, and red can do that with damage). And then choose the cards which are serving those purposes. Blue and Red is not a usual pair in my opinion, but experimenting is always fine, and required to move the game forward. Sorry, if these are not really useful, but I hope somehow I could help. Anyways, the most important thing is to enjoy your deck while you’re playing with it.

The major thing i see is a lack of true killing power. shedim brute and seifer’s wrath will only get you so far. i don’t feel as though the wavecrash colossus will be enough to deliver the fatal blow. as well, there isn’t a lot of synergy in your deck at the moment.
don’t be discouraged though. there aren’t a ton of red blue decks in the meta, so if you can experiment and get it to work, more power to you.

Thanks for the input, Grim guard is a nice idea, maybe ill swap the elementals for them, as i have been lacking a little damage here and there.

Thanks for all the suggestions guys, will probably pick up the welcome bundle on friday i hope that i get some nice cards ^^ Gonna be free from work the next few days ill i try to experiment with some deck variants, i really do enjoy the blue/red combination, i was surprised when somebody said that blue/red dont work well, the yellow rush deck that i have been playing is just linear and too easy, although it is fun :).

What would you suggest to add to for that killing power? I was thinking of the blue legendary dragon, but i dont know if his ability is any good for my deck.

Thanks guys for all the advice i really appreciate it! :slight_smile:

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I’m not sure what the best finishes might be for you off-hand, but if you’re looking for a dragon Garudan (the red one) is easily the most competitive of the bunch. Orosei (blue) is really cool and fun because the transform makes everything interesting, but the unpredictable nature can mean that sometimes it just loses you the game on the spot.

My experience is that Orosei is begging for a Random themed deck, but you’d be right in saying it doesn’t quite fit yours. maybe someday, someone will make a deck themed around the random mechanic, but this is not that day :sunglasses:. Aurora’s disciple can take time to build-up power, but with the burn control in your deck, that won’t be a problem. some people say aurora’s disciple is over-played, but there is a reason for that (it’s because it’s a really good card), especially if you beef him with triton banquet. now maybe, if you didn’t want such a frequently used card, or you didn’t really want an events deck, you could try something like icerock behemoth (though i personally feel like it leaves something to be desired in the maneuverability category) or dream reaver. both of those cards are more expensive than either disciple or wavecrash (dream reaver is cheaper in faeria than wavecrash, but takes a ton more islands which is not good for a multicolor deck), but if they float your boat, go for it.
TLDR; I recommend Aurora’s disciple :+1:.

So i picked up the welcome bundle and i got the Garudan ^^ so i added him to the deck + 3x aurora’s disciple and 2x grim guard, havent had a chance to truly test it, but the few games i did play it worked fine, auroras desciples really grew to huge stats ^^ been hanging around rank 11 atm, but i do play a bit of yellow rush every few games. But the win rate for the blue/red deck doesnt seem bad, thought i have been thinking about if Gabrians enchantment is even worth putting into my deck, will stick with it for now but it may change in the future :).

I have enough crystals to make a legendary card, but i dont know which one, been thinking alot about Aurora, Myth Maker since she seems very strong, do you guys have any other suggestions for a legendary that would fit into my red/blue deck or yellow. Does anybody know about any crafting guide for Faeria, like which cards are staple cards or something like that:)?

And again thanks for all the help and advices, they made me think a lot about my deck and strategies which helped a lot ^^

Legendary tierlist by Noaphiel
Guide to Crafting by Reath
These are not in anyway the end all be all, and I disagree on a few points, but they are great reference and give you a good idea of the playability of the various cards.
Also keep in mind that a card is only as good as a deck allows it to be. Many top tier players splash Garudan in many of there decks, but that doesn’t mean he’s always the best fit for your deck. If you can make a deck that works with even a crappy legendary like krog, that makes krog a good card for your deck

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Thanks for the lists, i like to confirm my suspicions about a card before i craft it:)

Ok so this is my latest version of the deck, at rank 9 atm :).

edit: been thinking about switching the elementals for lords of terror, but they so expensive.

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From my personal experience, Lords of Terror are not only expensive, but very situational as well. Water Elementals, on the other hand, are extremely versatile. So you are probably best keeping the deck as it is now and testing it out. If you find some cards are “not pulling their weight”, switch them out for something similar in either cost or function.

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