Need help understanding the game? Faeria Coaching can help!

Faeria Coaching

Whilst we have a great tutorial and our Community is creating awesome guides, there is no substitute for having somebody talk you through the game in person and coach you on how to play better.

J0k3se, now one of our moderators, has set up a coaching program which has helped a fair number of people massively, and created some excellent videos too, so we at Abrakam would like to help with this too.

Here’s how it works:

The program will work in two week cycles. At the start of each cycle the latest group of students will each be paired with a coach, who will agree a day and time that they can both meet up for the session. Each session would be at least 2 hours in total (either 2 one hour sessions or 1 two hour session). The sessions would generally consist of the student playing either games against the AI or in Battle Mode, whichever they choose, and would cover one or more of the following aspects of Faeria:

  • Deck idea/building
  • Land placement
  • When to use what on the action-wheel
  • When to trade/clear
  • Flexibility/Mulligan

After the session, each student will have ‘Graduated’ and will receive a free booster pack. Ideally, the session would either be recorded or streamed so that others can learn from the same advice. If you’d rather not be recorded/streamed, then make sure to let the Mentor know.


If you would like to apply as a student then please include the following details in your reply to this post:

In-Game Name:

Faeria Experience: (just a sentence or two about what you have done in Faeria so far. When did you join etc.)

Time Zone:

Regular Online Hours: (In GMT preferably to make their math easy)

What do you hope to get out of the coaching program?: (They’ll try to match your specific interest with the skills of the coach. If you say you want to become a better deck builder, they’ll try to pair you with someone who is known for deck building)

Current Deck: (They’ll try and match you with a coach who is known for what you are playing right now)


J0k3se is currently the Manager of the Coaching Program, and you can see his work here:

The other two, current, coaches are:
Blackscape - YouTube Twitch
Aquablad - YouTube Twitch

If you would like to apply as a Coach then please include the following details in your reply to this post:

In-game Name:

Regular online hours: (Preferably in GMT)

Time Zone: (So they can match you with students in the same time zone)

Speciality: (Do you prefer Red, Green, Deck Building, Pandora, etc. This is purely so they can better match mentors and students)

Rating: (This is just to roughly show your level of skill. they’d prefer users with god ranking)

References: (This is only important if you have a low rating/are unranked. It’s just so I can ask around a bit and ensure you would be a quality coach)

Faeria Background:

A couple sentences about why you would make a good mentor: (why did you apply? What can you offer the program?)

Thank you for reading this and, hopefully, with enough students they can organise a graduate tournament to help students learn how to compete too.


The Faeria Team


Here’s the guy’s bios :slight_smile:

Coaching: J0k3se

In-game Name: J0k3se

Regular online hours: 8pm - 10pm.

Time Zone: GMT

Speciality: Basics. Deck ideas/building. A lot of experience with Red Rush, Yellow Rush, Yellow Control, Vicious Control.

Rating: God rank every season

Faeria Background: Founder of Caster, streamer and content creator.

Coaching: Blackscape

In-game Name: Blackscape

Regular online hours: 4 pm - 6 pm Monday-Thusday i will do a fix Faeriacoaching stream i thought of Faeriacoaching monday , i will keep the time flexible. ( Weekend is flexible )

Time Zone: GMT

Speciality: Basics, Burn, Control, (Combo Decks but not a specialist in it)

Rating: God rank last season

Faeria Background: Caster, Streamer, Early Access player

Coaching: Aquablad

In-game Name: Aquablad

Regular online hours: 12pm - 5pm. I’d like to stream the coaching to help my viewers.

Time Zone: GMT

Speciality: Aggro: Yellow and Red. Can play Control but no specialist.

Rating: Highest rank achieved last season: God Rank #9 - Finished on God Rank #23

Faeria Background: The PlayFaeria guy :wink:


Nice idea :), I didn’t know there were others than J0k3se that did coaching. Makes me want to take part in it, if you will accept me. Here are my details :

In-game Name: Foxclear

Regular online hours: around 6pm-9pm (GMT) no Tuesdays/Thursdays, my availability is variable on weekends

Time Zone: CEST

Speciality: Basic deckbuilding, only Constructed : Control, Midrange and Aggro (not that good at combo), Fun or original decks

Rating: got to God #30 last season

Faeria Background: Player since beginning of Early Access, seldom streamer (in french)

A couple sentences about why you would make a good mentor: I like to share my knowledge and experience to help others (I’ve done it in Discord during the past months). I did some coaching on my own in a few CCGs and enjoyed it (even once in Faeria with a french player). I would never refuse when they asked for it, but never actually thought of proposing it myself. Now it’s done. I can do it both in english and french btw.


In-game Name: CrunchyBacon

Regular online hours: 1am - 8am Mon - Fri, 9pm - 8am Sat, Sun GMT

Time Zone: ACST

Speciality: Basics, Red Control, Yellow Rush, Mono Blue & Three Wishes

Rating: Last season achieved ended on God Rank #34, achieved God Rank this season

Faeria Background: Been playing for 2 months, participating in last season’s monthly cup

A couple sentences about why you would make a good mentor: I always enjoy helping newer players in Faeria as I know it can be challenging just starting out plus it helps the game if new players feel there’s a way they can improve faster. I am currently helping out a couple of new players and I offer coaching on the basics of the game, and mainly the strategy involved.


In-Game Name: iLikeRaisu

Faeria Experience: I joined 2 weeks again mainly playing Pandora getting to rank 3 and taking a break in constructed to get to to rank 15 for the card back playing a f2p yellow control.

Time Zone: PST

Regular Online Hours: (In GMT preferably to make their math easy) 8 PM - 3 AM GMT

What do you hope to get out of the coaching program?: I think I got the swing of things from Pandora, but I feel like I’m stagnating right now having about a 50% win rate in pandora. I feel like I’m misunderstanding some basic plays especially when I play a yellow rush-ish pandora and I feel helpless when they clear. Thanks!

Current Deck: Yellow Control, but I kind of want to learn yellow rush a bit.


In-game Name: WeTheNorth

Regular online hours: 11:00 PM - 2:00 AM (GMT) ; 7:00 PM - 10 PM (EST)

Time Zone: EST - Canada (Quebec)

Speciality: Any colors, I specialize in Deck Building and Pandora Gameplay.

Faeria : I never competed on the ladder (no collection) ; The highest I’ve been in Pandora is God Rank #2.
Hearthstone : Legend #102 was my highest
Guildwars : San Franscisco Qualifiers : world #9 with the guild Lords of the Dead ( I was team captain on the field, in charge of creating a 8 man team build and teaching it to our players.

A couple sentences about why you would make a good mentor :

I speak both french and english.
There aren’t many mentors from my timezone.

I have a video game level design degree, an highschool teacher’s degree for sciences and I am working as a CPA. I achieved a lot of things in my life and this would not be my first teaching rodeo. I am 31 years old and despite my competitive nature, I am very laid back.


In-Game Name: DarkShaders

Faeria Experience: I joined about a week ago, Looking at vids/guide for about a month.

Time Zone: EST- Canada (Quebec)

Regular Online Hours: 1pm GMT to 4 am GMT.

What do you hope to get out of the coaching program?: Getting better at Faeria in general, be it land placement, deck building, or piloting a deck. Eventually compete in tournament and Coach new players.

Current Deck: Yellow Control, GBApex, Red Control. Mostly control/combo, I am willing to learn new deck, if not all of them.


In-Game Name: MrLink

Faeria Experience: I joined about two weeks ago, I started out playing mostly pandora to try to expand my card collection. I managed to hit god rank on pandora and after that have been striving to do the same in Ranked Draft.

Time Zone: Central Time (US & Canada)

Regular Online Hours: 3:00PM - 10:00PM (GMT)

What do you hope to get out of the coaching program?: I hope to gain a better understanding of how to regain control of the game, when to trade/go to face, and make sure my land placement is optimal

Current Deck: Red rush and Yellow Rush. (Prefer red rush)


If you would like to apply as a student then please include the following details in your reply to this post:

In-Game Name: Bagua

Faeria Experience: Joined last week

Time Zone: Toronto Eastern Standard Time (also known as GMT -4)

Regular Online Hours: 7-11 pm GMT -4

What do you hope to get out of the coaching program?: Just getting better at the game, understanding all techniques

Current Deck: a basic yellow and green

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In-game Name: Sepfire, Sepfir3

Regular online hours: 12:00 - 00:00

Time Zone:GMT+2

Speciality: Red burn, Red control, Yellow aggro decks

Rating: God rank every season so far!

Faeria Background: Casual streamer and member of Team Kraken. I also have participated in lots of tournaments so i have experience from those also, havent had much success yet though :frowning: . Best tournament finishes have been #4 twice in PlayFaeria open’s.

A couple sentences about why you would make a good mentor: I enjoy helping newer players out and giving them advices. The game is pretty scary with all the mechanics when you first get into it without any help. I have 700hours in faeria so far and would like to share my knowledge out.


In-Game Name: Gabrys

Faeria Experience: Joined 4-5 days ago, played only Hearthstone before, my best runs of Phantom(5 wins), Pandora(5 wins).

Time Zone: GMT + 01

Regular Online Hours: 17/18 - 21 (starting from 15.08.2016, busy this weekend)

What do you hope to get out of the coaching program?: Deck building, Mulligan, Land placement.

Current Deck: Playing only Pandora because i haven’t enough cards. I would like to play green cards, and I was thinking of this deck: I have 18/30 cards, and i was lucky enough to get Eredon, Voice of All. I would like to try both ways, going aggro with green or defensive.

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Hi there, I would like to apply as a student. 27-year old Dutch guy.

In-Game Name: Praedyn

Faeria Experience: Joined 2 days ago, up to level 7 now.

Time Zone: CEST (The Netherlands)

Regular Online Hours: I can schedule around a coaching session, so available all day.

What do you hope to get out of the coaching program?: I’d like to learn the basic values of Faeria, like when to trade, where and when to build land, etc. I’d also like to get to know something about the popular strats that are being used right now.

Current Deck: None, playing Pandora to get cards. Thinking about buying the collection though.

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In-Game Name: infowars

Faeria Experience: F2P joined some time ago way before it went free for 24 hours on steam. Started somewhat casually, was surprised to find I liked the genre was this is my first card game of the sort. Clocked +59 hours. Didn’t do that much competitive in that time tho but am starting to do so.

Time Zone: UTC+1

Regular Online Hours: Can accommodate as necessary

What do you hope to get out of the coaching program?: I’m used to strat games however this is my first card game so I struggle with some of the lingo of the genre, types of decks, things like archetypes and tempo (been taking notes and trying to make a list). Also with knowing what’s needed to put together a good working deck but for a start I’d need to know what each kind consists of. Would also like to become more comfortable or get a better understanding on how to play with red and yellow colours. Want to be more confident regarding land placement. Want to start being more competitive. Would really like to learn put together, with what I have a available decks like ytemp, yrush, rCtrl and rrush.

Current Deck: Both GB & GR Ctrl which I feel somewhat familiar with. Got some other patched together budget red, BY, YB, Ctrl GY. A half made budget yrush. Also tried to replicate blad’s BY events.

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I would like to apply as a Coach :).

Application Details

In-game Name: Tsucchi

Regular online hours: 10.00 - 18.00 GMT

Time Zone: GMT+8

Specialty: Mainly control decks. To be specific, yellow and red control. I do well with red rush as well but I tend to find rush decks slightly unreliable, especially when the opponent has the right answers to your offence. I have never played wish / apex due to not having the right cards and enough memoria for crafting.

Rating: God rank last season at around #60. Currently god rank #21 with MMR hovering just slightly below 1700.

References: None.

Faeria Background: I’ve played Faeria since the first monthly tournament and was inspired by Lifecoach with his Mono Green deck. Currently, I have over 300 hours spent on Faeria and have participated in several PlayFaeria weekly tournaments. My best tournament finished in 3rd place during the 6th PlayFaeria tournament.

A couple sentences about why you would make a good mentor: During this whole time of playing Faeria, I was playing alone and learnt everything from scratch. However, I started to stream Faeria two weeks ago and by doing so I have developed the capability of explaining technical aspects of the game. I really enjoy seeing the Faeria community grow as I believe this game has huge potential in the CCG market, and I have good intentions for helping newer players to the game. I understand that many new players may be overwhelmed by the price of the full card collection. As a F2P player, I still haven’t collected all the sufficient cards to play all the competitive decks, but I have still reached God Rank, so I believe I can give advice to players who intend on playing the game as a F2P player.

Extra Information: I speak english and cantonese. So if there are any Chinese / Hong Kong players who would like to have coaching, I can, hopefully, communicate in their language with them during the coaching session.

This may or may not be relevant, but I have had the experience to teach seminar classes at my University as a teaching assistant.

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If you would like to apply as a student then please include the following details in your reply to this post:

In-Game Name:Xorn

Faeria Experience: Joined about 2-3 weeks and played maybe 60 hours(mine and a friends account).

Time Zone: GMT-4

Regular Online Hours: Pretty flexible on days that aren’t Sunday,Monday, and Thursday.

What do you hope to get out of the coaching program?:
To hopefully progress further in ranked and overall improve my skills.

Current Deck: Control deck, Combo decks, etc. I’ve played about everything.

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hello gents , i would like to apply for the role of noob

In-Game Name: Darznieks

Faeria Experience: Under a week
Time Zone: GMT + 2 (Latvia)

Regular Online Hours: most weekdays after 5pm

What do you hope to get out of the coaching program?: I would love to pick the mind of a skilled player, to figure out how the game flows , deck building , priorities, and how to win .

Current Deck: a few farmboys and yakk’s (need the tutor to start figuring out how to build a deck ) but would love to figure out the "blue " deck for its huge utility


I would like to apply for student!

In-Game Name: Print_Screen

Faeria Experience: I got invited yesterday, and since have completed the campaign and played a few versus matches. Long time Hearthstone player, in case any experience carries over.

Time Zone: CEST (Netherlands)

Regular Online Hours: 2pm - 12pm GMT for the next 2 weeks, 5pm - 11pm GMT after that.

What do you hope to get out of the coaching program?: I’d like to get a basic understanding of the flow of this game, and what the common decks and strategies are. Most of all, I’m looking to choose a deck of my own and get some experience with it.

Current Deck: Some green deck I scraped together from basic cards and the handful of packs I opened. I’m open to switch to anything!

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I would love to apply as a student!

In-Game Name: Kapper

Faeria Experience: Started a few days ago, gotten relatively far solo (challenge #30ish, rapala is down), done my first 12-win pandora (with a lucky mono green having no idea what i was doing), only had a few online battles.

Time Zone: GMT+2 (Berlin)

Regular Online Hours: 16-21

What do you hope to get out of the coaching program?: Deck building / adjusting on the go, land placement, general strategy.

Current Deck: Mono red burn basic deck, but equally like green and red.

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Well, this sounds interesting. Why not apply?

In-Game Name: Menoshe

Faeria Experience: Like, ten hours?

Time Zone: GMT - 8 (Alaska Time)

Regular Online Hours: GMT 12 AM - 2 AM Tues-Sat, GMT 8PM - 4 AM Sat/Sun-Mon/Tues

What do you hope to get out of the coaching program?: Deckbuilding, as well as the basics of how to play the game well.

Current Deck: Some homebrew Three Wishes monstrosity tentatively dubbed the “Sampler Platter” that tries its hardest to be a true quad-color deck and kinda fails. Bought all cards, so I can do just about anything.

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Is this still going? What a cool idea!

In-Game Name: tudybeck

Faeria Experience: Got the game around 2 weeks now and fell in love with it. I made a 7-win streak in Pandorra so far. In Battle I just reached 11.

Time Zone: CEST

Regular Online Hours: 8 CEST / 7 GMT usually works.

What do you hope to get out of the coaching program?: Climbing the ladder was going well so far. Now, however games are rather 50/50. Would love to have someone watch over my shoulder to spot the mistakes I make. I read and watched the material, which is out there. So, I would state I have the basics covered, but there is for sure many more stuff I can learn. Particularly Deck-Building would interest me, as I currently play on one deck almost entirely. As the eventual goal is to play in the weekend-tournaments I would love to get some help in building two further decks.

Current Deck: Some homebrewn Blue-Control(-lish) Deck. Basically uses combat-tricks to win over the sides and place the Luduans there.

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