New player questions

Hi. Interested in getting into this game as an alternative to hearthstone. Played through all the tutorials and enjoyed it.
So have a few questions for you guys.

1- is it possible for a new player to stand a fair chance against a vet? Deck and cardwise.

2- roughly how long does it take to unlock cards / is it reasonable to get packs.

3- is the starter bundle worth (might buy if I get into this game)

4- what’s the playerbase like? Are people still around?

5- can you recommend any guides or youtubers?
I’ve read the tip thread full of links and all it links but I don’t know a lot of what was talked about.

6- the colours seem to follow magic the gather playstyles, is this right? If not what are they playstyles.

7- what would be a good starter deck who prefers defensive play with big minions.

Thanks for the help guys.


Hi, welcome to Faeria!

  1. Depends on your skill level and collection I guess, unless you’re playing Pandora (=limited format). I think that within a week or two many players are able to beat god ranked players, at least sometimes. Some new players even make it to god themselves within a month or so of starting to play Faeria. If you concentrate on a single color, it’s possible to craft a meta deck quite early.

  2. Depends on if you’re F2P or not. Even as a F2P player I think it’s easier to acquire cards in Faeria than in some other card games. Playing Pandora is a good way to earn rewards (including battle chests), but ranked works as well.

  3. In my opinion the starter bundle is definitely worth it, but the gold fountain gives you even better value for your money.

  4. The player base is not that big, but the game is still in beta (early access). Version 1.0 is supposed to come out in March, and then the player base will hopefully increase. The most players I’ve seen online at any single time is around 300 I believe.

  5. There are quite a few Faeria streamers out there. I won’t make a list here because I’m bound to forget someone. I suggest you join the Faeria discord server, which has a channel for streams and videos. There you can find active Faeria streams. The Faeria discord server is also a good place to get your questions answered, because there are usually more players there than on this forum.

  6. Sort of I guess. Blue has (land) movement tricks, aquatic creatures and the ability to transform creatures, but has no hard removal. Blue is usually played as midrange/control. Yellow has (creature) movement tricks and lots of small and/or flying creatures. Y Rush (aggro) is quite popular at the moment, but midrange and control are options too. Red has burn and creatures with combat abilities, but no hard removal. Playable as aggro/midrange/control.

  7. If you want to play big minions, green is your color. Green also has a lot of taunts, so you can play defensively if you want. On the other hand green’s creatures are often big enough to brute force your way to your opponent’s orb, so you can play it aggressively as well. But green doesn’t have many “tricks” (with the notable exception of Sagami Huntmaster) and no hard removal.

This is just a rough overview of the colors. I’m sure there are better players than me who can tell you more about the subtleties within each color, but I hope this is enough to get you started.

  1. if the quesiton is aobut getting rng in cards that can help you beat more skilled player, the answer is clearly: no. faeria requiresa good amount of skill, and you’ll need some time to master it, some little misplay can cost you games so often.

  2. faeria is very generous in terms of chests and gold. complete the solo, do some pandora if u do not dislike draft, do your dailies and in 2 or 3 months, you can play almost any good meta deck.

  3. i also think gold fountian is worth it, if u can wait for the 30 days to make a profit ^^. if you more in a hurry, yeah starter pack is a good option.


  5. check J0k3se guide somewhere here in the forums, it gives you most keys to start.

6-7) see above ^^


Thanks alot for the huge reply. I might join the discord have a look. But doubt I would be active

Pity about players but yeah might pick up at release.

Glad to hear that I have a decent chance of being viable and I’ll think about fountain vs packs. When I saw fountain I thought was cool but didnt know how much gold was worth.

Not a huge stream fan but might look at vods. From the looks of it I’ll prob go green, but blue has some cool stuff. Might do bit of both.

Thanks alot for the huge reply

thanks for the big reply.

I more mean in terms of deck quality. For example in hearthstone a new player is at a pretty big disadvantage vs vets. But it sounds like this game is better for it.

Glad it’s generous slow unlocking is always such a pain.

As above really hope playerbase improves. Maybe at launch.

I read jok3es guide it was very useful.

Thanks me again for the big reply

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Check out for video guides and match content :slight_smile:


PlayFaeria also has a page for active Faeria streams:

Good to see another budding Green player! If you want to look at playstyles for different colours, go to Deckbuilder>Crafting and glance over the cards. There aren’t too many to look over and get a good idea of what’s what. There are lots of different approaches to Green, but the most important card in most successful Green decks is Feed the Forest, so pay special attention to that when you plan your own deck.

I found Faeria ranked/unranked play quite oppressive at first, but take heart that your card collection will grow rapidly and the feeling that everyone has better cards won’t last very long. If you’re really keen or you don’t mind disenchanting, you should be able to amass enough cards for multiple top tier decks within a month.

As well as being a good way to get cards for Battle mode without needing a collection to be competitive, Pandora is just as fun as Battle from a gameplay perspective, so if you can keep up enough Gold to keep on playing Pandora, the fact that it fills up your collection is just a bonus. You get a free practice coin every day, which will give you 2-4 games and unlock 1/3 of a Pandora coin if you make it to 3 wins.

I’m a F2P player so far, but I did a Gold Fountain and Starter Pack as part of a generous promotion when a lot of the rules/pricing changed just after I started playing, back in September, so I got a bit of a boost. Today, I’m missing about a dozen Legendaries, but I have 1k Memoria (>3 Legendaries worth) and 5k Gold (which afaik puts me up to ~7 Legendaries). In short, if I want to make any deck that doesn’t use a heap of different coloured Legendaries, I can do it immediately without disenchanting anything.


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Thanks for the big reply. Yeah I’m working through solo right now but I played a game in practice Pandora and made a green deck that’s all about big minions, and buffing. Don’t know much card names but had tiki totems, last oak (buff on death). The 1/1 buff on death. The 3//4 that buffs cards with 5 HP and stuff that interacts with that. Had some taunts in there too. I found it very fun and am going to try make a deck similar style.

I also had the legendary wolf, ruinain or something? Returns to your hand for cheaper, that cards really cool.

I also got the gold fountain but i think most of it will go towards solo for now.

Definitely a fun game, won’t be stopping soon anyway, I’ll prob take a break at some point and come back at release.

I started in sometime during the summer, but I didn’t keep playing the game. I happened to open the game back up this week and the new balance patch has my interest piqued! What all are the major changes I should hope to expect? I’m still pretty new at the game but still have horrible memories of suffering at the hands of aggressive decks months ago. Has yellow rush been largely mollified for newer players or was I just lucky in my matchmaking? (or more likely the pre constructed decks are super helpful)

Hello ^^ I can’t say a lot of things because even if I play Faeria since last spring, I am still very bad at it ! :smile:
But two major things (among others) can help players vs rush now, to my mind : Zealous Crusader’s bonus are only +1/+1, which makes them much more manageable, and Imperial Guards have now a “last wish” effect (they give you 2 life points when they die) so they’re definitely worth it, especially with the card “Hold the line”. Healing cards have been buffed too.
And it seems to me that there is more variety in decks building today than before patch 0.96, which is appreciable.
Welcome back ! You won’t regret it ! :yak:

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Thanks for those pointers. I may have come back with a fresh approach, but it feels more like decks definitely run as they were intended to.

Please explain how Zealous Crusader works? It ability description: “Charge 2 Gain +1/+1 each time you attack a god (while in your deck or hand).”
But it hasnt any buff while in hand. And start buffing only in hand. What does it mean?

It means that every time you attack your opponent with a creature, Zealous Crusader gets +1 attack and +1 health. You should see it being buffed as soon as you draw it or (if it’s in your hand already) whenever you make the attack. If you don’t see it being buffed it must be bugged, but I don’t know about any Crusader bugs right now.

“You should see it being buffed as soon as you draw it” ? Zealous Crusader must being buffed while in my deck but not hand ??
Card has description: “Charge 2 Gain +1/+1 each time you attack a god (while in your deck or hand)”

Zealous Crusader gets buffed while in your deck or in your hand, therefore you should see it being buffed as soon as you draw it (assuming that you attacked your opponent at least once before you draw it) or whenever you attack your opponent. I know I said pretty much the same last time, but I really cannot explain it better than this.

Well, than i find 100% bug since Zealous Crusader not buffed in deck and start buffed only in hand.

I don’t think it’s actually bugged at the moment, but if you think it is you should try to replicate the bug and report it in the appropriate Discord channel.

I forgot to mention that the bug manifests itself when deck has several Zealous Crusaders.

Is there a way for beginners to get a free boosters?
How “Recruit your Friends” works for 17 lvl account?

Yes, if you’re lvl 5 or lower you can select someone as your recruiter and both you and your recruiter get rewards for that, including Battle Chests. If you’re higher than lvl 5 you cannot be recruited anymore, but you can have recruits yourself.