Open chests - card back

After release patch I began see some characteristics of cards before opening.

You aren’t the only one. I saw a post on reddit anout this as well! Hopefully it will get fixed soon.

It’s even flipped? lol
Glitch… or feature? :sunglasses:


It’s another puzzle. Guess the card before it’s revealed. :smiley: Add some suspense and fun to opening chests.


+1 same bug.
Not that it actually has any effect.

However, it does give an idea for a bit of meta.

I don’t like how little control we have over deck collection. Rerolling 1 card seems too little.

The ability to reroll more cards (say 3) based on hints, which are randomly one of:

  • Faeria cost.
  • Two different hint colors, and if the card is colored at least one color must match one hint color.
  • Card category (event / structure / creature)

Would work good for pandora too - although that’d mean doing it 30 times in addition to selecting a card.
Maybe only every 3rd group.

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I wanted this changed too, here are some feedback from other players:

I am happy if they allow one reroll of any one card per chest.

This is a good idea for drafting, never thought of that. May be the rerolled card must result in a card of a different colour…

It would be cool if we could reroll one of each rarity, instead of only being able to do the highest rarity. Than again, it’s nice to be able to reroll at all. I’ve kept myself from getting duplicates because of that, and it really helps give you a chance at getting a new legendary.