Oracle Text for all cards

You were pretty efficient this time :smiley:

Forest :

  • Seed Sower : Create a forest on any random tile adjacent to this creature where you could normally create a land by using your wheel power
  • Ruunin : Returns at its original stats, but its costs is 2 less than the cost that was shown when it died (all cost reductions applied once will be applied to Ruunin each time you replay it, multiple cost reductions stack with each other, until Ruunin costs 0)
  • Tarum : Replace all neutral lands by forests, and water tiles not occupied by an aquatic creature by forests belonging to you

Water :

  • Spellwhirl : These cards are created from nowhere, this don’t count as a draw.
  • Unbound Evolution : Can target both friendly and enemy creatures. If there is no creature that costs 2f more, then it will be a random creature of the same cost (even the same)
  • Aurora’s Disciple : Only while on the field
  • Gabrian Commander : Only while on the field
  • Lore Thief : Can target itself ? wut ? can’t target anything :wink:
  • Water Elemental : Create a lake on any target tile where you could normally create a land by using your wheel power
  • Aurora : Can’t target herself, removes all previous stats buffs or debuffs
  • Battle Toads : Needs 2 free lakes to be played
  • Gabrian Archon : Works anywhere (while in deck, hand or on the field)
  • Aurora’s Trick : It gains summoning sickness (not sure of what happens if it has haste, though)
  • Frogify : Can target any creature (friend of foe). It looses all abilities, and can attack or move only if the creature wasn’t in summoning sickness (even if it had haste)
  • Aurora’s Creation : Can target any creature (friend of foe), it goes back to its original stats, except the cost that is reduced (other cost reductions will be erased as well).
  • Egg of Wonders : The summoned creature has summoning sickness, and doesn’t proc its gifts (again, not sure of what happens when it has haste)
  • Gabrian Noble : Fish can be summoned on any tile an aquatic creature can move on.
  • Wavecrafter : As long as it’s on the field.
  • Mirror Phantasm : Can target both friend or foe
  • Wavecrash Collossus : While this is in deck or hand
  • Baeru : Replaces all adjacent lands of any type by lakes (not water tiles). They still belong to the same players.
  • Orosei : Same rules as Unbound Evolution, but it’s only friendly creatures.
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Once again thank you, Could you please just delete your first commentary as I need to stick a comment below my initial post. The forum won’t let me type as much as I do in 1 post :stuck_out_tongue:

Last precisions are arrived !

Mountain :

  • Bloodstone Sprite : Any creature can harvest.
  • Fire Elemental : Create a mountain on any target tile where you could normally create a land by using your wheel power.
  • Shedim Pest : Gets +2/+2 if you have another creatures which has currently more Attack than Life.
  • Bloodfire Wisp : While on the field.
  • Ignus : Target enemy.
  • Hate Seed : Higher Attack than Life.
  • Kobold Warrior : Can target itself, can target a dead creature (even itself).

Desert :

  • Oath to Oblivion : The creature suffers from summoning sickness.
  • Doomgate : Ostregoth is a 13/13 charge 5, Haste, flying creature that doesn’t exist in the game outside of this summoning.
  • Oradrim Sagittarius : Whenever any of your creatures attacks a god.
  • Oradrim Fanatic : Can target itself (must do it if there are no other targets).
  • Air Elemental : Create a desert on any target tile where you could normally create a land by using your wheel power.
  • Drakkar Skycaptain : The creature drawn gets +1/+1.
  • Wind Wisp : Whenever any of your creatures attacks a god.
  • Windborne Champion : Can target itself (must do it if there are no other targets)
  • Azarai : not Azari :smiley:

Multi-colored :

  • Three Wishes : (Not Three Whishes :slight_smile: ). If one or more of the top 3 card of your opponent is a Three Wishes, it copies the next ones instead. If your opponent has less than 3 cards, it copies the remaining and you still gain 4 life. Other Threee Wishes played in the same turn copy the 3 same cards again.
  • Twinsoul Spirit : The second Twinsoul Spirit can also be summoned adjacent to a friendly creature, and has the original stats of a Twinsoul Spirit (doesn’t benefit from buffs given to the first).
  • Soul Eater : While in deck, hand, or on the field.

Many thanks to you for doing this admirable job !

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It is an honor for me to be able to help just a lil any player that find this list. Sadly it doesn’t seem to be known alot yet, If anyone can spread the worst that this list exist, That would be appreciated.

Updated with your precision Foxclear, again thank you alot for all the help and support you gave me

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Primeval Colossus: Text: Cost 1 faeria less for each special land you have(Minimum cost:6)
Oracle: Cost 1 faeria less for each special land you have(Minimum cost:6)

Nope: “Minimum cost: 11 less than original cost, but other reductions will reduce it further, such as Spring Moochi or Bloomsprite

  • Explanation: If you get one via Bloomsprite, you can reduce the cost of the Colossus to 3.

Indeed, this works for all Colossi (via Spring Mochi for instance).

Thanks I will update all collosi with this information. Special thanks to Taiyodori

Interactions regarding Sharra, the Dragonslayer / Ruunin’s Shrine / Protection (effect) / Combat effects:

Shrine on board / creature has protection -> Shrine takes damage, protection stays
Shrine / Sharra being attacked for 4+ damage -> Shrine takes damage, even if Sharra’d ignore it (probably a bug?)
Sharra / Protection -> Protection is NOT being popped with damage 4+
Shrine / Sharra / Protection -> Shrine takes damage, protection stays

Shrine / Combat -> Combat effects trigger as usual

Thanks to Mark (MrLink) and phelbin for the testings. :slight_smile:

Actually not a bug : Sharra works with Shrine in the same way as protection does : damage is redirected to Shrine before being dealt, so it’s not nullified by protection, nor Sharra’s effect. In the same way, deathtouch will be nullified as well against Shrine as no damage is dealt to the creature.
anyway, if interaction with Sharra is a bug, then interaction with protection is one as well :wink:

Being able to explain why something works as it does, doesn’t necessarily making it working as intended or - to the reader of the card - as expected. Hence, something striking as a bug (=not working as intended). :wink:

What I’d understand Sharra working like, when I read its text, is: “If it would be dealt 4+ damage, no damage is dealt (= ignored)”.
Hence, the way it works with protection/deathtouch is just as I’d expect it: Protection isn’t popped and death touch isn’t procced either, because no damage was dealt. The way it works with Shrine is very unexpected: Ignore the damage sounds - to me - that there should be no damage that could be dealt to the Shrine.

Regarding Protection / Shrine, I couldn’t tell at all without hindsight. Just by reading the text, it could mean protection is popped, Shrine receives no damage or - like it actually is - Shrine receives full damage, Protection is not being popped.

I believe it’s the same with protection, then. I mean, if damage is dealt to Sharra/protected creature no matter what, then it’s redirected to Shrine before it’s effective on Sharra/protected creature. Otherwise, it’s Sharra/protection that works before Shrine, and Shrine effect is ignored. I believe it’s the correct behavior for what’s written on the cards as I understand it, but it surely can be confusing. However, I don’t see why you think interaction with Sharra is a bug and not protection as well. that’s the same thing in both cases : whether or not damage should be redirected before being dealt.

Well, by reading the text I’d always assume that Sharra checks before Shrine: Sharra “ignores” damage and the Shrine redirects damage “whenever damage would be dealt to you or a creature you control, it’s dealt to this structure instead”. Sharra ignoring 4+ damage leads me to the expectation that there would be no damage dealt, hence nothing to be redirected.

Protection, on the other hand, reads: “The next time this creature would take damage, it ignores it and loses protection instead.”
If “this” creature is Sharra, then no damage would be dealt, if it’s 4+. Same goes for the wording of Shrine. Hence, I consider it a bug.
If “this” creature is anything else, then I’d say Shrine’s text (“you or any creature you control”) is more open/global than that of protection, therefore redirecting it, leaving no damage that would now be dealt to “this” (specific) creature.
I admit, though, the latter might as well go vice versa. Hence, maybe a bug, maybe working as intended. Couldn’t tell. It could depend on what was in the board first, the protection or the shrine. :slight_smile:

After all, I’d think it safe to assume that Sharra, Shrine and Protection should be checked in this order:

  1. Sharra - 4+ damage? -> Ignore, don’t check further.
    2./3. Shrine - Any damage left? -> If yes, redirect it to the shrine.
    3./2. Protection - Would this creature still take damage? -> If yes, pop the protection first.

That’s actually a valid point :slight_smile:

However if I think outside the box and try to imagine how things would happen on a battlefield, I can picture an attack being redirected to Shrine when it targets Sharra/a protected creature. That attack never reaches its target, so it doesn’t pop the fragile bubble, and Sharra doesn’t have the opportunity to use its abilities to avoid that attack, no matter how she does it :wink: Poor Shrine doesn’t know if the target might be saved from the blow, it blindly redirects it to itself !
As for Protection/Sharra, well … it depends of how she nullifies the attacks : if she does avoid the attack, then the bubble should avoid it as well and remain untouched, but if she can somehow endure it because of her magical equipment or whatever, then the attack would pop the bubble before reaching her.
So both of these behaviors would be correct to me (but by wording, I would still believe that it’s working as it should) :grin:

Did you try to put sharra before shrine? and the opposite? I want to be sure its not because of entering priority

Well, according to Mark (MrLink) and phelbin, who did the tests, the order of board placement wouldn’t matter. That was, when I asked about the very same thing regarding the order of board placement of Shrine and Protection. I don’t think they tested this further, though, so I can’t tell you for sure. :confused:

Last question, Structure got priority? I mean will their ability always activate before creatures/Spell ability if they interact with them? Then it would most likely be a game mechanics. If not then I will gladly add more information towards both cards :smiley:

Edit: I still need someone to tell me if Structure have priority over other ability.

Well, do you have another example where this question could have a meaning ? I personnaly don’t see another case where we could ask this question, but maybe …

I guess this is a question for the dev, It must be written somewhere in the coding of the game.

I asked around it seems Shrine will always take damage before ANYTHING else does. I will update this + the card tweaks today

Edit: Done.

I won’t be able to update this for 2 months. Got some personal issue, If anyone want to add things to it, feel free to do so. I will update as soon as possible. Thank you.

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