Ruunin's Avenger Script issue

Runnin’s Avenger has an ability, aside from taunt, yet it is not indicated whether this is a gift ability or last words ability. How is this card supposed to work? And also, please state it clearly on the card itself. I can’t strategize if i can’t interpret what each card can do at a glance.

Hi LFantrider, I would suggest you look at this list: Oracle Text for all cards

I made it myself with the help of good Faeria player, you can find a lot of useful information about each cards currently in the game. I hope this will help you, if you need more info feel free to ask.

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I believe you’re under a misconception here.
It’s Ruunin Avenger itself which gains life for each time damage has been dealt to your orb while it is in your deck, hand or while on the field. Thus, it can’t be a Last Words ability (actually, it seems to work like a Gift, but in addition it will still gain health while on the field).
Might be a good idea to add it to your post @DarkShaders ^^

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Yeah I just updated it to make it a bit more clear this is now what you’d get from the oracle text @LFantrider

Ruunin’s Avanger: Text: Taunt. Gain 1 Life each time you’ve bean dealt damage this game.
Oracle: Taunt. Gain 1 Life each time you’ve(your orb) bean dealt damage this game. (Will gain a bonus Life even on the board when damaged)

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