Some Feedback after 14 hours of Gameplay

First of all wonderfull game so far. I think you can make it great!
None the less here are some of my thoughts after 12hours of gameplay:

  • When playing aquatic decks, I constantly press Faeria instead of lacks leading to greatly missplays. Call me stupid but the symbols just look too similar in my opinion. Maybe an other arrangement or different colors can help?!

  • I am missing a function allowing me to view my new cards after opening some packs! After opening 10 packs I can’t remember all my new cards and it is rather bothersome searching them.

  • Probably it is due to a lake of players but I keep getting very strong opponents even though I am only lvl 8/9 and rank 23. I would rather stay some more time waiting and getting a fair opponent rather then getting one that is just to strong for me. I think getting one extra star isn’t wourth fighting a lvl 15 opponent for exemple.

-I do not like the fact that I have to run Steam before being able to start the game. Is that gonna change at some point?

• It would be great having an integrated overview of my games (wins, losses and with which decks) giving me some more overview and help me become a better player.

• I am also missing some more people streaming on twitch, maybe it is possible to make some publicity there or more often, giving it the oportunity getting better known and making understanding easyer since it is much more complex then Hearthstone for example.

  • Super pretty game, reminds me of a mix between Heroes of might and Magic 3, Dominion and Catan somehow.

  • Pretty design even though sometime not consequent enough or matching in my opinion

I am really looking forward to the future of Faeria and hope the best! Great work please continue like this!

Best wishes and good luck!

For an early access game, I think the number of twitch streamers is actually rather high. I’m pretty sure there has been at least one person streaming Faeria for at least the past week straight. If you ever want to find Faeria streams head over to the Discord channel and check out #streaming-and-videos. At any given time, someone is streaming faeria.

Hi Caeldras, welcome to Faeria!

Trust me, you are not the only one clicking +1 Faeria instead of making a lake :smiley: After playing for a little while though, you learn. But something to make it extra clear would be very good for beginners.

The matchmaking experience will get better as more players join the game. Currently there seems to be most activity on european day/evening-times.

The statistics/overview is something that has been requested by a lot of players. Currently the main focus will be balance and bugs, but I belive something like this will be implemented further down the road.

I agree with Ramora that there are plenty of streamers currently (atleast compared to how it used to be). If there is noone to watch, you can always check out my videos :wink:

If you want to watch for learning purpose I would also suggest checking out my guide,

See you in the game!!