Some home-made cards

I had some idea recently. I will just don’t put all the idea. Like a card linked to the “fatigue”, I keep them for me ! Here I put only the cards that didn’t make the “cut”, the “not good enough” to be kept. Feel free to share your impression, improvement.

I forget the 1 or 2 mountains


So two new keyword ideas, works like gift if on creature.

Domain - This effect is applied only if your opponent has 5 or more non-plain lands.
Spectrum - This effect is applied only if you have creatures from all colours on board.
(-> multicolored count for several color, obviously)

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I try to think of cards that change the rule of the beginning, but, it’s too fragile to change …


-----------------------------------------------(it was before the same card in red that oversky give to us)


For egg deck style
edit : maybe : 2F and 2 lakes

Error : That’s not “fight” → that’s the “combat” wording !!!

maybe not jump, maybe dash 2 ?
but i like the 3 keyword from the 3 other color in this green creature

erase msg …

So, at the moment it is not adjacent, it has not the abilities anymore
I don’t know for range/charge

I know it would be an inferno to code ^^
so idea from Reuben : as a gift effect

Man your ideas are REALLY cool :smiley: Keep at it :wink:

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Maybe this is better, Giant v2

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Oooh, I love that Eternal Wisp. That thing is just brilliant.

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Some of them are pretty good. Most of them though would just break the metagame and everything we love about the game.

Some stupid ideas which were lost in a file.