Suggestion: Add "Sorry" Emote: RNG god can be Cruel sometime

I’ve played this game once, My opponent was dominating the board with 4 creatures and he has more that 3 cards in his hand. I had no cards then I draw Flame Burst “Deal 3 damage” and I Won the game. The man maybe rage quite the game because of this.

While you have good intentions with this idea, my main concern is how easy it would be for mean-spirited players to abuse this emote in much the same way those players misuse the “Well Played” emote. There is an in-game chat mechanic, so if you do feel bad you can apologize that way, or seek them out later on the discord server if you can find them.

+1 to swinburne. Also, people are free to interpret any sort of behavior as offensive (this thread is a good illustration) regardless of your intentions. That’s probably the case why “I’m sorry” is the only emote ever being nerfed by Blizzard in Hearthstone I can remember.