Suggestions to help the game grow... new players experience over a week

Hey guys,

So started playing this game about 1 week ago with a real life buddy and we have some big suggestions that we believe need to changed in order to make the game grow. What excited us the most was cross platform between comp and ipad, sadly no iPhone? supported but heard that is in the works, esports, rankings and being f2p…so with that said lets jump in.

The game is not f2p friendly at all. After playing for a little bit we both liked the game but you cannot build a deck at all during the 1st week with the cards you are given from solo/Pandora playing naturally. I researched some and saw “about 50 bucks will get you the whole set or something like that” told my buddy and he was like I am down he bought 2 of the $40 gems packs cause he likes to open packs so he spent $80 and almost used all the gems opening many packs… HE STILL DOES NOT have a full play set of common cards WTF??? He has like 4 legendary cards…

I read more and saw that this spend $50 was a thing but it was removed…and those that got to do it actually bought the entire set of cards 3x for $50… WTF??? now in order to get a set of 3x all cards you would need to spend like $1000+ bucks? This needs to be fixed, there is no way that new players will compete competitively without spending hundreds of dollars or maybe like 500 play hours in game collecting cards… read on for some fixes

  1. Dailys disappear after around level 10 or so, I get 1 or 2 a day with little rewards… there should be dailys for logging in for. Say 1 free chest just for logging in. There should be a daily for winning a match in ranked. 1 free chest rewards. There should be a daily for playing Pandora…again 1 free chest. There should be a daily for doing a puzzle or solo quest mission…again 1 free chest. So in total there should be easily obtainable 5ish free chests every day for all players… this would greatly help f2p and even paying players get deck built and having fun.

  2. eSports is great and awesome but if you cant get the cards you need then it really sucks. Do you really think people will spend 500hours (2-4 months) playing to get competitive? Most players will probably quit after 5 or less hours or so I would imagine, hence why the dailys need to be improved to keep them coming back for more. Pandora should have its own eSports league as well since it is the only fair mode in the game. Each player has access to all the cards all be it randomly since it is a draft but this mode is waaaay fairer than ranked with ranked having such a high paywall entry. Not saying get rid of ranked but add a eSport/tournaments for Pandora mode and support them just as hard as you support ranked.

  3. Leveling up…is a nice feature that you get a card you don’t have 3 of, a good feature for the people will horrible luck…but there needs to be either more EXP available somewhere or a lower level up requirement in game so these rewards can be earned faster. Currently logged in 36 hours on steam probably real play time is 30hours or so… I am level 13… sooo means I got to select 12 cards and most were commons as I still need a million commons at this stage of the game… faster level ups, more exp makes happier players this system is very good.

  4. Cash shop. its good but if you follow my advice on giving chests out easier in game then prices on chest need to drop by say 50%. One way to generate more money is do a monthly sub like you are doing with gold but do it with boosters as well. $10 or $15 gives you 20 packs up front and 2 each day you log in for a month. People like opening packs give them this option, it also helps with people collecting their cards to play competitively

  5. Refferal system…being a youtuber, I like the referral system but it was hard to understand and all you simply needed to tell them was put in your friends USER name in that box to get referral bonus! Easy, simple done. I get you probably didn’t do this simple because its easier to exploit as say everyone always puts “Joe” as the referral name…even though they don’t really know joe… but if people are gonna cheat your system they will figure it out anyway. More exp and better rewards for leveling up would help keep players staying around longer too. Add more chests and Pandora coins to the referral rewards. Good system but needs some improvement

2v2 mode would be cool, more cards would be cool, but fix the core game 1st for new users so they actually feel like they can build a deck… I have probably 10+ referrals now so I got like 10+ boosters for free but I still really cant make any decks besides the starter ones… this sucks… please fix and help improve the quality of the game for everyone especially the f2p crowd.

Jason Wivart

i also misunderstood 50bucks can give me all cards but i couldnt.
so i invested $100 and took cards(not all of them).
to be honest, i think its so hard for users to get cards what user wants from a chest. plus and dust isnt enough, especially when i dusted legendary cards. its so small dust i can get from legendary.

I completely disagree, this game is quite easily the easiest FTP CCG to get into that I’ve ever played, compare it to games like Hearthstone or Duelyst or Shadowverse.
After 2 months of playing casually I had enough dust to craft 9 competitive decks a few of which were very expensive in dust… and you only need 1 deck to be competitive.
After 6 months I’ve completed the full collection(In about 240 hours of gameplay) and I haven’t spent a dime yet, I would support the developers if I could but I don’t have money to spend like that.

I’d like to mention that I do like your suggestion for the Cash shop, some form of gold fountain for Memoria or Packs would be neat to have but I don’t think it’s a high priority.
Also the referral system should be cleaned up I agree, it’s really confusing the first time you do it, not to mention that if someone uses you as their friend referral you get their email address on the referral page, totally unnecessary and potentially harmful information.

EDIT: While we’re on the subject of making this game friendly to new players, I think the rewards for solo content should be tuned up, it should be obvious that doing solo content is worth the gold investment.

First i started to type reply for contradicting on your opinion but yes, i realized that i was wrong.
okay. i thought wrong way. its a gross misunderstanding, i mean my saying - hard to get cards.
sorry. i just felt " i have to get all the cards…! " at that time when i typed. but faeria’s booster is cheaper than Hearthstone’s one. i agree. And okay, dust system is also same and above than hearthstone than user.
i did calculation mistake…!
yes, i think it is caused by my bad luck of chests. thats all TT
have a good day.

One thing people often miss to precise when talking about this game being “the most F2P you ever seen”: That’s because most of them started playing before some major changes in the game and/or already bought full collection before it was removed (which was imho, one of the best thing that could have happen to the game and at the same time, the worth). Here are some of my thougths I got many times since I started playing 1 year ago (many “old” players will disagree, still my opinion and my maths :stuck_out_tongue: )

  • Before, all daylies were at least 10 more golds. Which is not that impressive, but in the long run, makes a huge difference.

  • Crafting: Noone should ever say “it’s way better than HearthStone”. Take it simple: 5 dust per DE cards on HS, 1600 for a legendary => 320 commons needed for a legendary. Faeria: 1 memoria per common, 320 needed for a legendary => easy maths, same ■■■■.

  • Pandora: 7 wins to go infinite, same as many other CCG. I can’t deny I feel rewards are better than any other game draft mode. Still you have to like this game mode and be good at it. While you get many cards (some telling one month of hardcore Pandora being good can give almost all meta decks), it doesn’t let you play ladder because it is REALLY time consuming (can be up to 11 games per run, considering 11 minutes games as described on Faeria site, almost 2 hours).

  • Cash shop: nothing better than any other CCG. Same price, same amount (I’m not looking $5 difference when buying hundred packs).

  • Golds per win: the BEST thing of this game price system. Introducing the worst aspect of many: wanna win more ? play aggro :ok_hand: (as any game rewarding players for winning instead of just playing the game and enjoying it even more)

  • Overall, the “impression” of F2P many get is due to numbers: 100g per win is attractive, isn’t it ? Isn’t it more thrilling to spend 1000 golds for a chest than 100 ? You get the point: gold ratio are the same over and over.

  • Still you need an average of 5 wins per day + daily quest to get a battle chest. Any games is average 2 or 3 times longer than any HS games. So… Yeah. About the same amount of time spent for a Battle Chest. Again, play aggro, increase by a lot your gold/day incore :ok_hand:

Won’t do any more detailed math or opinion on this game, but, is it free to play ? Yes. Does that mean you’ll need less money / less efforts to get competitive ? No. Is it any easier than HS ? Feels like yes. In reality, just a bit, not that much. Should Abrakam lower real money / IG money cost of anything ? If they want to become a non-profit org, why not ! Remember nothing is free except your free time. Game Studios are not charity related.

tl;dr: People are just doing the worst advertisement about this game telling everyone is the most F2P game ever. It is not, and should never be: work for your stuff, or don’t get it :slight_smile: (or at least buy it :eggkappa:)

(Doing another post because previous one was starting to be really long)

On another note: talking about being competitive in Faeria. There are imho two sorts of competition here: ladder and tournaments.

  • If you focus enough on one deck, praying for it not to be nerfed, you’ll get it pretty fast (most of the legendaries are … whatever). The highest cost cards you’ll have to craft are epics. They will come fast enough to your collection. Congratulation! You’re now ladder competitive.

  • If you wanna play different stuff, another story. It will take you way more time. It’s all yours to decide if you wanna play hundreds of hours with the same deck or not. In this case, again: Congratulation, you’re ladder competitive (few dozens of hours later) !

  • Tournaments. I’ll only talk about monthlies and not about amateur tournaments that runs sometime because their rules differ way too much.

  • For monthlies, you bring 3 decks, pantheon format: any legendary is one time use in any of the 3 decks, any other card of a 3 times use across all decks. It requires you to have a considerably larger pool of cards. Way more than playing different decks on ladder average (since on ladder you can use any card any time, any deck). Nope, as a F2P player, you’re not Tournament Competitive. Probably in a few months, if you still playing at this time and no expansion as came out !

I never really understand this type of thinking against a F2P game. If someone is just stepping into the game, they likely will not be aiming to go super competitive right away since they will probably feel they won’t be able to compete against top players. So they stick to just playing the game, grinding out their collection and learning as you go.

Maybe its just the way I view a new game when I start playing but if I lose to a card I haven’t unlocked or haven’t seen yet, that’s knowledge I can take towards future games or work towards unlocking that card. I don’t see why when you’re brand new to a game you get salty over not having something and give up instead of just learning the game. Again, maybe that’s just me.

I started playing the game at the start of Early Access but didn’t buy the full collection when it was an option and still had a full collection in a few months time of casual play. It was much easier in that time to get your collection started compared to how the Solo content is set up now but I also didn’t have the Free Card on leveling up. Also, that was still only playing for maybe 10hrs a week just when I streamed, also meant I played much slower since I was streaming.

The biggest issue is still playerbase. If there are new players facing new players, they shouldn’t feel like they are losing games just because a lack of cards. But right now we get a new player come in, get stomped and leave instead of sticking it out, so the same thing happens to the next new player. Vicious circle right now which hopefully improves if they can attract a bunch of players at once with the 1.0 Release.

I’ll also point out we had some players in the last 2 Cups who just started playing the game in December (if I remember correctly) and were able to qualify and compete in the Cups with just a month or two of experience. Not sure if they put money in to get the collection built or how much time in there they put in but it happened.

I don’t think a game should be set up to cater towards Tournament play right away. Players come in and learn the way a game functions, especially a game like Faeria which has a lot of different decisions on each turn to plan for the rest of the game.

There are issues sure, but I don’t understand why people complain about a F2P game not giving them enough free stuff. The devs still have to have some way to make money or the game won’t last. If you want to play F2P, grind it out while learning the cards and game. If you want the full collection right away, spend the money.

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I don’t think there’s any need to make Faeria more F2P friendly at all. In fact I think that if you like the game, you should spend money on it to support the game and its developers.

The idea that you have to spend thousand or even a couple of hundred euros/dollars to get a full collection is absurd. I’ve been playing since the end of December and have spent about 100 euros on it at this point (probably less) and I’m already very close to completing my full normal collection. Yes, ofcourse I would have liked to buy the full collection for 50 bucks if that option was still available, but even with that option being removed Faeria is still very generous with its rewards.

If you want to remain F2P that’s your choice, but don’t complain if you cannot keep up with players who actually support the game by buying things. If players were just given everything for free (or something close to it) the game wouldn’t last very long. The devs have to eat after all.

Why would you care about ladder though? Is there some kind of amazing prize pool of stuff that I am missing?

Monthlies…Exactly, getting tournament competitive in a couple months is horrible or spend say $1000 when I would imagine most of the players will quit before even completing 1 week of the game.

You do realize the reason they removed the $50 pack was so the f2p crowded could be more competitive right?

We have 2 different views listed in this post.

Me as a f2p but with a great referral base…I will probably end up referring 50+ people to this game as I am around 10 right now.

And my friend who has already spent $80 on the game…

Roughly we have the same amount of cards, granted he has more than me of course but we are both missing cards in the common set and for him dropping $80 and still not getting a set of commons is absurdly. Yes he can break things down into dust and finish the set off but even his dust amount is stupidly low. Around 600 dust right now. (this is where is differs greatly my dust is 150ish and I broke a legendary) He hasn’t broken any legendaries and gotten 3 or 4 now.

3rd the last point of view would be the truly F2P player with no referrals…it really sucks, why would they stick around and play? After a few hours of tutorial which I get they cannot make any decks what so ever. They literally have like 2/3 boosters to start the game and the starter cards. Maybe offer new player access to all the cards for 7 days as a trial period and allow them to build decks as they like then after 7 days those temp cards go away.

Why do this? Well part of the fun of a ccg is BUILDING decks and testing strategies

If you don’t see the value in retaining players even if they are f2p then there is nothing that can be said. More players means less queue times, more word of mouth marketing/streams/youtube etc.

I have no idea if this is the case, I wasn’t around then. To me it just seems like the correct business decision to remove that option.

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The free card for leveling up is a joke in the beginning to be honest. I’m lv 13, friend is level 14 after 30ish hours of play time. 12 free cards almost all commons since we don’t have that full set to remove them from the pool. I can see the value of this later on once you have completed your common and rare sets.

The player base is the issue if you follow steam charts you can see not many new players playing, there was a surge in Feb around the 12th when toucharcade featured the game but overall the player base has been pretty stagnant.

WHY you give out more free stuff? DO you know Costco? they give out free sample to test out products daily…its one of the largest merchants in America and the tiny samples they give out entice more sales of said product… Yes not everyone buys the product and probably 50-75% don’t buy right then and just get a small free sample for free but it puts the product out there for discussion, puts it in peoples minds, and entices some to buy impulsively.

More f2p is great for the overall game, more free marketing quicker queues etc…and the hope is eventually they will convert into paying players, as you said generally you start the game out to test it and see if you like it or not. A good majority quit after day 1. Probably 50%-75% quit day 1 and never come back… the others chuck on and he trying cause they find something they like or think it has potiental.

New cards are coming they said what 10 new cards are being released for launch and ofcourse being ccg new cards will always be on the horizion. New cards are a great way to entice players to spend money. Clash Royale does this beautifully with their option to purchase a decent amount of a new cards for a few dollars when it releases and special bundles. In this game you need 3 of a new card so you don’t really need a lot comaprativly speaking so why not for a limited time offer the new cards for sale during their launch window. Pricing example below, note this is just an example number can be altered.

Legendary $15 limit 1
Epic $10 limit 1
Rares $2.50 limit 1
Common $1.00 limit 1

that way the company makes money and you can instantly start off with a new card. If you feel like well players have to many dusts to craft the cards they wont buy these make them non craftable for week or two, only findable in packs and direct purchase for the 1st week or two. This can be thought as a presale or early access sale for the new cards.

Here is their post about why they removed it

but the best part is that in their kickstarter they SWORE they never would go the f2p route…
you can look at this many ways but the way most would see it is them lying about the game and changing a core feature.

“We will not sell cards through micropayments simply because we would not feel right doing so. We want everyone to be treated equally. Faëria is a one-time purchase TCG, Pay2Win is for scrubs.”

how times changed? I understand going f2p is better than shutting the game down but still… its all out there if you look for the history of this game. I am trying to help them improve it now so it doesn’t meet the same fate it meet as a b2p game.

This doesn’t happen, if you have all the Common rarity cards and you are offered one as a level up reward, you will receive Gold instead of a card. It won’t give you Epic or Legendaries automatically just because you own all of the lower rarities, its just completely random what you’ll receive at each level.

And I don’t believe there are any new cards being released at 1.0 Launch, maybe you were confusing the 10 New Cards which were released back in November. And no official statement on expansion yet either but I think there was something hinted at 4-6 months after 1.0 is out we can start to expect something coming. The game is still not even at full release yet so maybe as more sets are released there will be easier ways for players to start their collection towards the “base set”, maybe will the Full purchase coming back but who knows.

Thanks for the link, but to me this just reinforces my point that Faeria does enough to accommodate F2P players. Having almost a complete collection in less than 3 months is better than any other CCG/TCG I’ve ever played. For me it’s part of the fun anyway collecting cards, not just buying (or getting) them all right away.

The amount of players playing this game shows that they are doing something wrong though.

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The official reason the $50 pack was removed was something like “New F2P players are frustrated to play against full collection beginners”.

Faeria gives enough to a casual player to keep interest in the game and make him want to spend money (remember Abrakam is not a charity, right ?).

If you’re more than a casual player, you shouldn’t get close to full collection soon, but close to any playable card in this core set in a few weeks. And anyway, what would you do with a fast, full collection? Stomp beginners and then be capped at rank 10 because you don’t have enough experience ? That’s not enough to compete in any monthly cup.

If you wanna pay at some point for anything, do it. Either it to complete your collection, either to support their work. If you don’t, just don’t complain about “the game not being enough F2P friendly”. It is not, any person able to run simple math can see it. It’s anyway better than many other games (not all :ok_hand:).

And to adress your last message, no they’re not doing anything wrong. To pleb knowledge, they don’t do anything at all. No advertisement except that PCMAG UK thing (don’t even know what it was, probably not enough tho). But the game is not even released. So yeah, no matter what, you can’t get any conclusion before the first few months after release.

You seem to forget that Faeria is still in beta. The official release is scheduled for later this month, which I assume will be accompanied by some kind of promotion. I’m sure the player base will expand then.

Its okay I know you two white knights wont ever admit the writing on the wall though. The game FAILED as a buy to play/Kickstarter, yes it was barley funded so it was “successful” but many of the feature promised are not in the game KS ended sometime in 2013… Go back and look at what was promised and now where we are.

Highlighted Kickstarter promised failure release JUNE 2014…well kinda missed that window by a long shot.

Buy 2 play game,f2p is for scrubs…hmm we are at a f2p game now

Community card creation? I don’t know has this been done?

Guilds??? HMMM where is this?

Here is the link

The fact remains they need help with everything hence why they didn’t get past beta for 3years now… its perfectly fine to have different opinions but look at the facts and respect the facts

A small note, the kickstarter actually did really well, that’s how they’ve been able to give over 15k in prizes each month to keep the competitive scene around, and the reason why I’m fairly certain they have more than enough resources to make a successful advertisement campaign after full release.
As for community card creation there’s a discord channel dedicated to that but I’m not sure if they have or will implement cards/ideas/themes from it.
The business model they were going for absolutely did fail and it was an ugly affair but not that huge of a setback since they changed it before full release.

Finally I want to reference Faella’s first post:
“One thing people often miss to precise when talking about this game being ‘the most F2P you ever seen’: That’s because most of them started playing before some major changes in the game and/or already bought full collection before it was removed”
I honestly hadn’t thought of the solo content changes but on consideration that was a huge part of my first week in the game and probably made it considerably more enjoyable than the current version would have.

“People are just doing the worst advertisement about this game telling everyone is the most F2P game ever. It is not, and should never be”
I was just saying it was easier to get into than other CCG’s, all CCG’s are going to be in some way P2W. I mean you can buy packs straight up, that’s inevitable.

“Pandora: 7 wins to go infinite, same as many other CCG. I can’t deny I feel rewards are better than any other game draft mode.”
I can actually think of one FTP game where the draft rewards may be much better than Faeria’s and that’s Eternal, it’s like MTG’s where you keep the cards you draft plus the rewards from winning aren’t bad either. Oh yeah and there’s a sort of “Beginner Draft” mode that lets you go against AI for less rewards and less cost per ticket.
Not saying Faeria should adopt that system(I like the current system for the most part) just that it’s probably more FTP friendly TMYK.