Tell us what you want to see for The Hub

Hi everyone,

This topic is all about helping us improve the features of Faeria’s Community Hub.

For each version, we will sticky here a topic to provide clarity as to what has been included in the updated version.

The easiest way to tell us which improvement is the most important for us to implement is to like the post where that improvement is mentioned.

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Login button separate from Guide Writing and Deck Building.

Would like to be able to look at a deck and give it a Like without having to attempt to write a guide in order to log in.

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More descriptive tab titles. It’s hard to tell what exactly the tab is about when all of their names are “Faeria - The Hub”. If it included the name of the deck or guide being viewed in the tab title, it would be easier to tell the tabs apart.

I’d like to see the newest created decks added to the featured decks showcase gallery. And it would be nice to remain logged on after leaving the website.

It would be easier to copy decks if they were in the same order as they are ingame. It’s harder to copy a deck from the hub than it is from a deck screenshot, since the cards are in a different order and in two rows in the hub.

It would be even better if you could import and export decks from the hub directly in the game, without having to pick the cards yourself. Alternatively, there could be deck codes that you can copy and paste from the hub into the game, which create the deck automatically when entered.


Seconding Reath’s suggestions. I’d also like to see an option to either save a deck image to my hard drive or export it to imgur, to facilitate sharing on the discord server

Someone came with the suggestion to add Memoria Crafting Cost to the decks in the Hub, I dont remember if it was suggested in the forum or on discord, but I think its a great idea :slight_smile:

Would be nice to have the cost in dust of the decks featured on the website :slight_smile: keep on the good work


Customizable navigation shortcuts. The ability to navigate in the categories section with the navigation keys like in the other sections. The ability to shortcut the different forum categories to quickly enter them (IE G-G to enter into the general section). Also it would be nice if j and k scrolled down instead of just going to the next post. That way if a post is really long it doesn’ t jump you to another post when you only got to read half of it. Also we have a back shortcut with u but if we accidentally go back and want to go forward to the page we left there is no shortcut for that. These are probably changes that would benefit a forum power user more than anything, but if anyone is familiar using Emacs or Vim they can understand how useful these things can be. Obviously not top priority but a nice quality of life change for those who would use it.

For the shortcuts you have a menu at the left of your profile picture, at the top of the screen, that allows you to navigate more easily between categories.

Faeria hub is pretty good. Many other companies miss this community tool.
May be add column to the deck list with author rank. So we can sort the decks by rank. There are a lot of decks on the hub. And sort by Rank can be more just then by Likes.

That’s what I’ve been doing. Open it up with = and then jump to the category I want. It’s really not important, but if they implemented it would be dope.

Not sure if this has been requested, but adding additional detail to the decks provided, such as:

  • Play style (aggressive, conservative, etc)
  • What to mulligan for
  • Land building strategy
  • Potential combos/synergy between cards
  • Possible card replacements for legend and epic cards that some players might not have

I’m sure there’s more that can be added, those are just off the top of my head.


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What I really want to see for The Hub is more activity from the developers.
At least more than the monthly Balance Patch Developer Commentary may be have discussion or at least exclusive hints for new cards or incoming nerfs.
As an active member on the hub it’s kinda frustrating reading all the awesome ideas and no way of knowing if ever anyone from Abrakam ever read it. At least in my imagination this is what The Hub was about, building a bridge between the players and the developers and giving the players the possibilty for feedback and suggestions.
I think RIOT is a good example they are very active on Reddit and on their own forum.