The new Solo Content - some feedback

Good morning guys!
Finally I have had time to play some of the solo content!
Im not done yet, I am currently on 36% quest, 16% epic quests and 87% puzzle.

I have a few thoughts I would like to share.
First of all - I was suuuper excited to play the new solo stuff! I was REALLY looking forward to the puzzles!

So - lets first talk about the puzzles.

They are simply brilliant. I find them very entertaining. A great way for new players to learn cool tricks.
Most of the puzzles are very easy for the experienced players. But there was a few that I found challenging and it was a lot of fun! I would love love love love to have more puzzles in the future.
There is only one thing that I want to complain about really, I want to play more puzzles, and there are more puzzles, but I cant. Because I have to play other quests/challenges. I feel like playing puzzles right now, I want to be able to do so.

I think the quests are really nice! Its a relaxed way for people to earn experience, experiment, practice and progress. For experienced players they are very easy, which is fine, but don’t force a player to play them when they want to play the puzzles instead :wink:

1-chance challenges
I have played a few of them, one of which I lost. It felt really horrible. The warning text is the beginning gave me a mixture of excitement and stress - mostly stress. I always liked challenges in games, I enjoy trying to beat things on a high difficulty. But not being able to try again does not feel good at all. After I lost I felt like there was no point in continuing with the other quests, I was thinking about making a new account so I can play again and get the whole experience (assuming I dont lose again). Making things really hard is okay, it is fun, but not letting players get a chance to try again creates a lot of negative feelings (and prevent positive ones).

The "do over" in board or card games and the replay button in video games is an important game element that is often overlooked. The replay button or do over gives the player permission to fail. In games, failure is an option. And it's a good one. Allowing a player to fail with minimal consequences encourages exploration, curiosity, and discovery-based learning.
Kapp (2012)

Without the possibility try again, the player feels robbed of the freedom to experiment, which a lot of people who seek deck-building games really really enjoy.

All in all, great great content! Thanks Abrakam! Looking forward to more :slight_smile:


Thanks J0k3se, I’ve passed this on to the devs.

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Don’t forget the missing option to repeat anything. Especially the epic missions are that much fun that one might want to try them again with a different deck. (Basically everything that was said here already ;))

Plus new players might enjoy the experience to practise against one of the specific playstyles introduced in the single player content. Right now they can only practise against random in a pretty hidden option inside the deck builder.

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