Today I learnt that

  • Right-click on cards in collection screen enlarges card for easier viewing
  • Dash allows creatures to ignore Taunt when summoned
  • Flash Wind moves creature ignoring Taunt on board too (teleport do too iirc)
  • Ruuin’s (the Legendary) reincarnations are unaffected by any buff or debuff in her past existence on the board

Should do all solo missions before playing pandora and constructed games. Learnt tips and tricks I didn’t learn from multiplayer gameplay.


Hah yea the solo missions are awesome for teaching that stuff. The dash one is especially awesome. When you do it to your opponent and you can see them confused it’s funny. Great tips! @xploring

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You should check out this guide @xploring



Thanks @J0k3se! I bookmarked it but haven’t got around to reading it. Thanks for all the stuff you do for newbies like me. :smiley:

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(Actually not today but well,…)
TIL that when you’re looking at a deck list on the hub you can click on a card and it will give you some information and a deck list where you can see all submitted decks where this card is in it.

I found out you can filter for event, creature, structure by typing those exact words in the search field, in your collection/crafting page in game.

Jon asked and tested this on discord:

what happens if I frogify a flying creature over water?
it didn’t die (after my turn). The opponent had a chance to move it

And just found out in a game that Magnus’ combat -> free card ability doesn’t work on Primeval Colossus, and may be other cards of that nature too?

Today I learnt that:

  • you can mute emotes from opponents by right clicking on opponent’s orb,

  • be more ruthless when trading off creatures threatening my orb, he/she could have buff cards or treasures capable of dealing lethal, (lost a game because of this), don’t save it for a more urgent situation because the game may be over by then,

  • pay attention to opponent’s land, faeria and predict possible removals and counters to my cards/creatures

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Just learnt that giving a Jump creature Charge 3 doesn’t mean it can jump 3 tiles. It’s either Jump or Charge 3, they can’t be combined.