Twinsouls buff suggestion

How about making Twinsouls (the weakest of the six dual color finishers) a 2d2l 3 faeria card event like flight of the mantas (you get a second twinsoul in your hand). take away the ability to summon it adjacent to friendly creatures tho. It would maybe enable the blue yellow event decks, with snowstorm lancers and windstorm chargers and so on.


From a Timi perspective, yes, it is the smallest of the 6 dual color cards (that are not necessarilly finishers btw. Crack Thorn Beast is not a finisher either). But from a Spike perscective, it is arguably better than Apex Predator and Icerock Behemoth and definitely sees more play.

Why delete a card that fits a really nice niche, being a cost efficient Khalim’s skyguard? Why making it a manta duplicate? And what would be the new six lands dual color card for blue yellow?

It would disable decks like Twinsoul creation. Blue yellow event deck already exists, and have more than enough cards to support it, since both yellow event and blue event exist and flight of the manta offers further support. If they or BY event are weak (and I’m not convinced they are), it’s because of matchup and card power, not because of lack of options.

fair enough it would really limit variety rather than expand it i guess. i still think they should be 2d2l.

[quote=“4xel, post:2, topic:10459”]
And what would be the new six lands dual color card for blue yellow?
[/quote] how about nothing? i think Faeria is overdoing it a bit with the whole symmetry thing. Would the twinsouls decks be to strong if they got to play twinsouls earlier?