What about a 3vs3 Mode?

to play funmatches with friends


Dear Poster,

Yeah. in Discord general 2 days ago, when I was sorta chatting in general. Since this game is about positional strategy, I was thinking of where the “Lobby” for when you enter in versus-ing your Friend, the listbox was so a scroll-able listbox. I thought to myself, why not have an FFA or something like 2 v 2… contesting positional strategy.

There was response to where it was to fit in spectators. But I thought what if it were for actual players, I am sure it will be in the making for the nearing future to come. And I really like that you displayed the potential of this board setup.

Very cool!

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i just posted about this because i didnt see this. I would love 2v2, 3v3, even 4v4/FFA as well. there would be hilarity ensuing all about and hella fun.