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Hey everyone.

As we’ve mentioned before, we’ll be opening an “AMA” Thread today, or “Ask Me Anything.”

Feel free to post any question you like today, and we will come back to the thread tomorrow and begin answering.

For practical reasons, we will not answer any questions posted after Midnight CEST tonight (June 8th).

If your question is missed, it may be because it is very similar to another question and has already been answered elsewhere in the thread.

Thanks! :rubyfish:

Answering Questions from Team Abrakam

(in alphabetical order):

  • Augustin Texier (Emener) - JR Community Manager, FR
  • Dan Felder - Game Designer
  • David Taralla - Client and Server code
  • Emilien Eloy (kizashi) - Marketing Director
  • Gareth Kenna (SeeMeScrollin) - Community Manager
  • Gary Morris (Atmaz) - Community Manager
  • Jean-Michel Vilain (jiem) - Lead Developer, Game Designer
  • Jen Berger - Lead Artist
  • Martin Pierlot - Art Director, Game Designer
  • Nicolas Aubinet - Client and Server code
  • Olivier Griffet (Oli) - CEO
  • Quentin Chevalier - Client and Server code
  • why epic cards are not limited to 2 per deck ? there are epic for a reason (strong cards) in the same way as legendaries afterall. and regarding the f2p players, this would sound a bit more fair to fight against. (and avoid having to fight 6 Apex or other - with aurora’s creation)

  • with less and less balance patch to come, will you ever nerf that yrush thing some time ? :wink:

  • now that pandora’s out and ladder is setup with seasons, what’s the next big new feature ?

  • any chance to have a game log or some more indepth api so that we can dev some awesome plugins ! is it a way in which you are interested (to have some community based developed helper softwares)

  • i heard that Krog has turned vegetarian now and only eat Ruby fish now, is that true ?

We (briefly) saw Tarum get a Hexproof card text. Are there any other future mechanics planned or being tossed around in development?

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I posted some question about matchmaking recently: Please explain matchmaking system

So much players disapproved RNG elements in Pandora. Will you make draft mode without ridiculous artifacts?

Describe your target audience please. Why do you think players want another HS not original TCG Faeria?

What is your plan to extend the community, how will you make people come on the game to enlarge the player’s base ? I suppose you want to get some visibility with esport, but do you plan on a massive publicity campaign ?

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Will we be seeing God ranks reset to rank 5 instead of rank 10? There seems to be a problem where God players can’t easily climb back to God, 2 days into the season there is only 1 God rank player. Also it’s putting God players against people who are rank 10. This isn’t really benefitting anyone.

What information can we get about the in-game tournament system for people at lower ranks?

Goodmorning team!
Thanks for doing this :slight_smile:

I have a few questions, and I would like to get answers from everybody if possible! :rubyfish:
If you get too many questions and it would take too much time I absolutely understand that!

  • Who is your favorite Faeria streamer?
  • What is your proudest Faeria moment?
  • Which card is your favorite, and why?

And here are a few questions that only requires one person to answer :slight_smile:

  • What are your thoughts on including a “discard” mechanic in the future? Is it completely off the table or can I keep fantasizing about it?
  • What are your hopes for 2017?
  • I want a Yak plushie, can I have one?
  • Will we see any of you at Dreamhack Summer 2016?
  • Who in the team would have the best chance of winning a Faeria tournament?
  • Can we have some more pictures from your office please?
  • Is it possible to visit your office or do you have too many topsecret things going on?

I will edit this post to add more questions if I come up with any before midnight!
Again, thank you for all your hard work and for your beautiful game! <3

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Firstly I want to thank you for taking the time out to do this AMA. I have a few pressing concerns about the game and I would really appreciate if you could address them.

1 a) What are your design goals for rush decks? You mentioned deep in one of your announcements that you want rush to be ‘just viable enough’ which I think is great but what I am concerned about is cards like Khalim’s Prayer and recently Outcast Tower which allow rush to come back into the game after the slower deck has stabilised. Do you think this is healthy?

b) Is the recent buffing of red and green rush decks a move that was made in order to allow you to nerf yellow rush and still have strong rush decks on ladder (if so I think this is a fantastic move, I’m not keen on the strongest rush deck also having access to the strongest removal).

c) Do you believe rush decks should have slightly lower win-rate than control decks on a ladder system due to the fact that their games finish quicker meaning rush decks will always be more prevalent on ladder. Should their be a trade-off here?

2 What are your design goals for RNG in constructed? I’ve read DanF’s article and personally I am unsure why you believe Tale of the Old Turtle comes under ‘good RNG’.

3 What is the logic behind designing cards that can grow to be so large trading in minions will never be a suitable response such as Zealous Crusader, Apex Predator and Firebringer. In terms of playing against these minions it is thoroughly unenjoyable because it often renders your actions up to the point that the minion was played entirely useless.
Moreover from a viewing perspective, it is not much fun to watch. One player taking control of the board then throwing down a 12/12 to close the game out is pretty dull whereas a game where these creatures don’t exist giving the player behind a chance to get back on the board and in the game generates a lot more excitement, particularly when matchups are extremely back and forth.
I would really like some designer insight on this issue.

Apologies for what must look like an exam, I am not too happy with the state of constructed right now and would very much like some insight into these concerns.

  1. Do you plan on doing a proper Single Player campaign? Something RPG/Strategy-like, with progression, story and everything? The best example to point would be Microproses’ MTG game with Shandalar and stuff. Of course, not in the release, but maybe as a part of any following expansion?
  2. Do you plan on adding achievements to the game?
  3. If yes, would they be just decorative, or give rewards for completing (like in Scrolls)?
  4. Do you plan on enhancing AI for single player matches? As it would be nice to be able to give AI any of your decks with the basic “strategy” for it to follow (control/midrange/rush), so you could test different decks in a better manner (and have more fun experimenting on things).
  5. What are the chances that in one of the expansions there’d be a new color? Or the four colors we have are set in stone and would never expand?
  6. Do you plan on adding a Scrolls-like spectate feature (when you could just go and spectate any of the on-going games, with a proper delay of course).
  7. Do you plan on adding a built-in replay feature? It would be nice not to record every match on video in order to share the best moments, but just to get the vod after the game.
  8. Do you plan to have Pandora tournaments? (Pandora Tournaments)

First of all, i’m really impressed with the last patch, it has blown the meta wide open! I really like the ongoing balance patches, and it got me worried when you, in your June 3rd Faeria friday, wrote:

"With the recent launch of Faeria Monthly Cups, we are even more conscious of the effect balance changes or card redesigns can have on the more competitive players in the community. In our most ideal setting, balance changes would never have to occur. However, during this Early Access period they are inevitable. "

Does this mean that you are aiming at slowing down the rate of balancing, in favor of a more Blizzard-esque approach? I’d hate to see that happen, as I thoroughly enjoy the process of creating and refining new decks after a balance patch. If, However, you are slowing down the balancing effort because you are secretly working on an expansion pack or the like, ignore all of the above and carry on!

Also, what’s with all the empty orb spaces in the shop? I needs muh cosmetics!

First I would like to tell you that you guys are doing awesome job. KEEP IT UP!

  1. When will we get 2 v 2?
    You would be first ccg with this option and would be great investment.
    Reason I say this is that I know at least 4 ppl that would play this game if we have that option.

2 . When you make this game open do we know when will new set cards come?
Will it be every 3, 5, 7 months or … ?


One additional question (lot of questions I had in head were already asked) : why this current mulligan system and do you expect to, maybe, adapt it ?


Let me just start by saying that you guys are doing an amazing job and I’m sure no matter how you develop the game it’s going to be an incredibly good one ! now a few questions :

  • Can we expect “milling” (discard top cards of opponent’s library) dynamics for future (and not so distant) card design ?
  • Can we expect a more developed single player experience ? Something with a progression/story, different difficulties and maybe achievements.
  • Can we expect another Color (faction) to be add in future iteration of the game.

Thx for your hard work and the beautiful result that’s Faeria !

  1. When will the mobile version arrive to the Android Phones and Iphones? What about PS4 and Xbox one?
  2. Do you plan to make adventures like in Hearthstone or just “normal” card releases?
  3. Do you plan to make triple colored or even quadruple colored cards?
  4. Can we expect less expensive double colored cards (land-wise)?
  5. Are we ever going to have a lore to the world of Faeria?
  6. Can we have an official tournament format that accepts only one deck and a small side deck, pleaaaase ?
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Hello! - Thanks for the AMA!

A couple questions:

  1. / Ladder reset time: Currently it’s 12 pm CEST - any chance this could become 00:00 AM CEST? To favor those working daytime jobs in being able to play up untill the end? :slight_smile:
  2. / (this is a broad, but interesting one!) Can you share any ideas on marketing strategies that will be applied to ensure a grand release of the game?
  3. / Will the multi-platforming that I think has been advertised a little be working by time of full release of the game?
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Is there a way to buy more than one boster with golg at once? I need to clik 3 times now to buy only one. It’s frustraring. And I want to buy boosters where I open them, not in the shop (like with Pandora coins). Is it possible?
Can Ihave Faeria wallpapers (for PC and/or Android)? Especially interactive one with big circular Dragon-Snake =)
By the way is there a story behinde this magnificent creature? Becouse this Dragon not only on the main screen but on the Tale of the Old Turtle card.
(sorry for my english)


What are your overall design goals for the game? Do you want to design a game that is faster and more accessible or will you continue a focus as a slower strategic option to other DTCGs?

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Is pandora in a state you guys are happy with? or can we expect more revisions?

Hi! I’ve always thought you guys are great with community communication and transparency in game development, so once again, thanks! I have two related questions.

  1. Will newer players ever have a chance to do older epic quests? For example, could a brand new player now ever have a chance at getting the Egg?

  2. Will card backs from older seasons come on a sort of rotation? Essentially, do I have a chance to get last season’s card back if I missed it?

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Thank you guys for this beautiful game!
I’m very excited to hear the answer to some of these questions.

So, what is left…
I usually don’t care much about cosmetic stuff…but…could we please buy the Aurora Avatar?? :slight_smile:Please take my money. Pretty please…

Oh, this one terrible thing…emotes(aka. winter)… I know they are coming. Will it be possible to turn them off? I dislike them so much, i think i would just quit if not. That is what one would call emotional scars i guess. :wink:

And what about the lore. Will it be, or rather, is it a …History of the World in a ‘Silmarillion’ kind of way? Or is the plan to give out “pillars” like the Text of the Tarum Avatar(First seed…I like that). Which would open “the Faeria theme” up to writers, even more so, than a silmarillion/first book situation would. Then they could create…well, pretty much the World.


edit: Ohhh CEST I… i was still on CET…:laughing: too bad…

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