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Hey guys, this marks the Midnight CEST deadline. Can’t guarantee that any questions after this line will be answered. Thanks for the questions! The team will begin answering tomorrow.

  1. Do you plan on doing a proper Single Player campaign? Something RPG/Strategy-like, with progression, story and everything?
  2. Do you plan on adding achievements to the game?
  3. Do you plan on enhancing AI for single player matches? As it would be nice to be able to give AI any of your decks with the basic “strategy” for it to follow (control/midrange/rush).
  4. What are the chances that in one of the expansions there’d be a new color?
  5. Do you plan on adding a Scrolls-like spectate feature (when you could just go and spectate any of the on-going games, with a proper delay of course).
  6. Do you plan on adding a built-in replay feature?

I would ask exactly the same questions and all theses features are really needed. I think Kizu found the perfect game.
Great post!!
I just whant to ask u some more:

  • In future do we have a chance to see anim cards ? Interactive background ?
  • Do you plan on adding some voice or noise when playing a card (different for each card whith the otpion to mute it if people doesnt whant it) ?
  • Do you plan on adding (much) more customisations (orbs, avatar, backgrouds…) then u can feel “unique” and dont see ur clone everywhere ?

Sorry for my english and thanks to the team for reading us.


Warning,I’m french and I used google trad. I am anxious to specify that it is my personal point of view.

I like very much this game and it is very addicting. I find it very strategic and I take many pleasures in most of the fights.
Nevertheless, many players use decks rushs which are clearly less funny, to see even stressful and frustrating for their opponent.
In faeria, there are two types of fights diametrically opposed.
The fights in 6 turns , where the opponent rush quite straight ahead, face, and kills you (where is the strategy?). There, the game is painful, limit, the envy to uninstall the game is not far.
And fights until almost exhaustion of decks, where there is really a balance of power between both opponents, and there, the game is extremely funny. It is even a small pearl.
Personally, the main interest of Faeria with regard to other games, it is this quoted strategy (deck list and control board).
Except, to counter decks rushs, it prevents us from creating really strategic and funny deck. How much of decks are not viable because of deck rush which rot us in 6 turns, while against another deck tempo/control, the fight would have been able to be excellent.

Thus here is my question. Do you go to continue in the future to increase the potential of decks rushs, to return them more competitive than strategic decks?

It is the only concern which I have concerning the game. However, I think sincerely, that it will be an essential point for the viability of the game and of his success.



Just wondering about your thoughts about the actual pace of the game at the moment.
Do you feel that’s ok to see players roping almost every turn ?

In my humble opinion, it makes the pacing way too slow and passive for the opponent.

So the real question is, in your vision, in your mindset, where do you see the game going ? More towards a dynamic gameplay or it’s not even a question and it will stay as it is, no matter what ?

Cheers, thanks for your time :wink:

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So yeah, we’re trying out Hexproof and Shroud and it was indeed a mistake that a hexproof Tarum made its way into the game :smile_cat:
To be honest the real idea was to give him Shroud (both players can’t target it). A Shroud Tarum would be much easier to balance (he’d be cheaper!) because we wouldn’t have to care about a Feed the Forest synergy.
We aren’t fully decided yet to get Shroud into the game but it’s definetly a nice design space that we’d like to tap into, because Shroud is inherently proactive game oriented and we’d like to see more players taking risks in Faeria :wink:

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We don’t think it’s viable for a game to be rebalanced every week. It doesn’t let content makers (strategy guides etc) do their job, it also confuses a lot of players who are maybe less active than you are. Of course it’s also not viable for a game to remain badly balanced :slight_smile: So all in all it puts a gentle pressure on the design team here I can tell ya, and it’s like that each time we have to make a balance patch. There’s always a ton of different ways to balance the meta and many more ways to break it even more… That requires a lot of testing and discussion, and that is possible thanks to our faithful Vanguards, faeria players who accepted the challenge. We’d be nowhere without their help, so you can thank them as well! And if you’re interested and feel you have the soul of a designer, don’t hesitate to ask for joining the vanguards, we don’t accept exactly anyone but the door is open :wink:
We also need a strong balance and well stabilized card base in order to know how to design the upcoming expansions. For instance the fact that green now got access to the multicolor land creation (Earthcraft) is something that has a bit of impact of the design of our future content.

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We would love to play Faeria in 2v2! It’d demand us a lot of work but it’s certainly a great addition to the game. Unfortunately, we aren’t there yet.
About the rate at which we’ll be releasing expansions, it’s not something we’re ready to reveal right now I’m sorry.

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Ha, thanks for asking this one! :slight_smile: The mulligan system is indeed something we consider changing. It’s been a while it’s on our list. We’re aware the current one doesn’t let players with enough options and we want to improve that quick.

Sure why not? Actually it sounds like a great way to make Fatigue decks without making their game plans last for 25 turns.

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Hello! - Thanks for the AMA!

A couple questions:

  1. / Ladder reset time: Currently it’s 12 pm CEST - any chance this could become 00:00 AM CEST? To favor those working daytime jobs in being able to play up untill the end? :slight_smile:[/quote]

To be honest we chose noon only because it’s the best moment for us to do the reset ladder maintenance thing: at that time in the day there isn’t too many people on the server yet and our brains are still fresh :wink:

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any chance to have a game log or some more indepth api so that we can dev some awesome plugins ! is it a way in which you are interested (to have some community based developed helper softwares)

We truly love when players create plugins and tools for the community.
We already give the cards, the illustrations, the elo and the god-rank and we will go further.

However we will continue to add information about the players.
For example the possibility for the player of showing his own deck publicly.
I can imagine several applications based on this information.
We have other ideas in the pipeline, but it’s too early to reveal anything.

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What are your hopes for 2017?

Among the team, answers ranged from Faeria goals and targets to yaughts and private islands, but we could all agree on saying: ‘a better world <3’.

For Faeria we hope 2017 will see huge player growth, our first expansion after release, and much more!

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I want a Yak plushie, can I have one?

We would love for more people to be able to own and look after Yaks for us, however for now we want to focus more on the game itself, so if you missed out on the Kickstarter rewards we’re sorry for now - if we have them available again you’ll be the first to hear j0kese

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Who in the team would have the best chance of winning a Faeria tournament?

Well you’ll never see Abrakam staff entering public Faeria tournaments (at least not any with prizes) as that wouldn’t be fair, however soon we will have an internal leaderboard for competing among ourselves!

About the strength of everyone, I can only say that our game designers and community managers are rather good, as you would hope, and from conversations we’ve had today nobody is quite sure who would win in a contest. We’re looking forward to placing some bets in the office once we have our leaderboard :wink:

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Interesting questions! As you have probably read before, the reason we decided to make Faeria a F2P title was to help grow a large community around it, and while we are still restricting our own growth through paid Early Access currently, we are keen to support that growth in the near future. We see Faeria as a game that has no end date in terms of features and expansions, and this will work better the more people we have, so as we get closer to our 1.0 release we’ll be going into free to play and also ramping up our marketing efforts. We won’t have a single “massive publicity campaign” – we don’t have a triple-A studio’s marketing budget! – but we are confident that we will do enough to see a large increase in our player base in the coming months.

Esports is definitely an area we are keen to support – we have already committed to funding $100,000 in prize funds in 2016, including our recently announced Faeria Monthly Cup – this is a no-brainer for us, as it gives our players something cool, while having a nice side-effect of helping us both attract and retain players. As our audience grows we want to see the scale of our esports scene grow as well.

Other areas into which we are and will be investing time and money on the marketing side are many and varied, but include funding community hubs and other projects (such as, or for French speakers, press outreach to journalists, helping content producers (e.g. Twitch streamers) to show Faeria to their followers, events (for example our partnership with Alienware and ROCCAT at DreamHack Summer), digital advertising and more. We see a huge potential in Faeria, and will do our best to help it reach that potential :slight_smile:

  • Emilien

To answer your general questions:

  • Cappucino
  • The GO Faeria Clash
  • Rubyfish, simply because it has become a community BM (and I like to BM <:O))

And to answer about Dreamhack:
Unfortunately, due to our decision to attend DreamHack being really last minute, we aren’t able to attend ourselves. This is why we have decided to pick an outstanding community member (Scream112) to represent us and showcase the game with the assistance of Alienware and ROCCAT staff. That said, we are looking at attending some other events and would definitely enjoy meeting the community :slight_smile:

  • Emilien
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Great question! I believe my answer that is 2 posts above should give you a good vision of what we are planning!

  • Emilien
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Thanks for being so quick on posting your questions! Here are a few answers:

- why epic cards are not limited to 2 per deck ? there are epic for a reason (strong cards) in the same way as legendaries afterall. and regarding the f2p players, this would sound a bit more fair to fight against. (and avoid having to fight 6 Apex or other - with aurora’s creation)

I’d first like to clarify our design philosophy is against making rarer cards stronger - they rather have more unique and exciting effects. These effects might indeed tend to lead to swingy situations, but limiting them to 2 per deck would dramatically reduce deck options.

- with less and less balance patch to come, will you ever nerf that yrush thing some time ? :wink:

Is it really OP? :slight_smile: But to be complete - less balance patches doesn’t mean we would let an overpowered strategy take over the meta.

- now that pandora’s out and ladder is setup with seasons, what’s the next big new feature ?

Currently rewards from all modes and especially Pandora are temporary. The new reward system should certainly be the main feature affecting the players’ experience of Faeria.

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It’s definitely something we are interested in pursuing. However, given the early state Pandora is in and the lack of features supporting such an event, it’s hard to say when we will be ready to set one up. Our tournament features are still in their infancy, but we have our eyes ahead toward many things such as this.

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Discard mechanics are risky when they cause more pain for one player than delight for another, but they would be a lot less painful in Faeria than in a game like MTG (where they can mess with a mana curve and ruin everything). You can keep fantasizing for now.

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