Faeria Cards Art - [Discussion]

Hello Faeria artists and players !

Is the hand-drawn style flying away ?

I am writting here to ask some things about Faeria’s art. First of all, I would like to say that I’m very fond of the hand-drawn/story-book style of cards pictures : they are full of poetry, and some of them reminds me Miyasaki’s works and also a board-game that is called “Dixit” in France (not sure though how it is called in other countries).

But when I saw June 30th’s update, I started to worry about what the Faeria’s art was going to become. I remember I had the same doubts when I saw the “Flame Spitter” new artwork in one of the previous updates.
What questions me in today’s update is that, on most of the 10 new artworks, I can’t see this hand-drawn/poetic style that made me so fond of this game first. I reproach these new pictures to be far too much “clean” and generic (don’t know if it’s understandable) : lines are too precise and colors are somehow too raw. I don’t recognize the water-color/pastel-color look of the other pictures. In my opinion, new artworks in June 30th update look too stereotyped, and they lost the charm and the poetry of the previous ones. We can definitely see they were made with a graphic tablet (whereas it wasn’t that obvious in other ones).
And “Flame Spitter” above all : it looks as a 3D model instead of a drawing !

Here are some pictures to let you judge and compare :

1) The “pastel-color / hand-drawn / poetic” style :

Oh my god ! we could even see the Faeria flowing out of these four…:open_mouth: They are so gorgeous that we could think they have been hand-painted or hand-drawn with pastels !

2) The “more generic / not so hand-drawn looking” style

a) Flame Spitter (it looks more as a 3D model to me… :sob:)

Where is gone the hand-drawn style ? These picture could be a concept for a 3D monster in a 3D video-game or cartoon, which Faeria is not and shouldn’t try to become !

b) June 30th update - new artworks (most of them obviously in “graphic tablet” style) :

The preparatory sketches / concepts and temporary pictures of these ones surely were great, and choices of composition do look as good as in other cards for me (especially “Barbarian Ogre”, “Bomb Slinger”, "King’s Faithful, and “Rebel Slinger”).
But it seems to me that they have lost some “soul” in the realisation process, mostly because they don’t look hand-drawn anymore… “Khalim’s Follower” looks like in an anime manga now : very far from the yellow cards actual theme ! And others look like in cartoons, very far from the early style of Faeria’s Art, which - to my mind - gave a lot of charism to this game and made it so appealing at the first sight !

Please, dear Faeria Team, don’t loose what makes you special ! Don’t feel forced to look more “professional” and by the same way more generic and “cliché” ! Don’t let fly away the poetry, the charm, and the character you put in the game since its very beginning !

If you, players, want to keep the hand-drawn style of Faeria’s art, you need to say it here ! Unless I am the only one to have this point of view of course…

I know it may be just a matter of taste, but please give me back your feelings about it :slight_smile:

Long life to Faeria and kind regards :rubyfish:


( P.S. Please also forgive my poor english… I’m french :smile: )


Even though I don’t care much about the art (well I do, but I don’t mind this one), I know exactly what you mean and I like the upper one more, too. Some of the other cards, especially the Flame Spitter is pretty much generic (not bad, just generic).

btw: Dixit is called Dixit in any language, even in the chinese version of the game. :wink:
However, the art of Dixit has another completely different style which fits older kid’s books, which wouldn’t fit this game at all.

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Thanks for the info :rubyfish:
You’re probably right : I’m glad Faeria has its own special art style. I really hope it will keep its specificities.

On another vein, how gorgeous are these ones ! (some of the last updates) :heart_eyes: :

Obviously, my fears were pointless, for these pictures are clearly hand-drawn style, and were added after the ones in my previous post. Perhaps Flamespitter’s art was really a choice ? Or just a mistake ?

Anyway, it is surely hard to keep homogeneous art style when different artists are implied in the illustration process.

I can’t wait to see the next ones :smile:


You worded perfectly my feelings about some of the art becoming more generic. We may be not the majority but we are definitely not alone: cf. Place-holder art option?.

I think the thing here is that Abrakam has now a whole team of artists (mostly freelancers I guess) who are tasked to reinterpret in their own way and technique the marvellous original hand-drawn concept arts which were, as far as I know, all drawn by the same person (@Jen).

When I kickstarted the project back then, all cards used to have Jen’s wonderful esquisse aesthetic… And it felt perfect that way (the art would let the imagination work… mystery was oozing from every corners). It may sound irrational to some, but this was one of the core selling point for me at the time. @Jen has redrawn some of her art into the upper resolution that the new card layout require so yes some card didn’t lost their original soul (and are even more awesome), but understandably she could not stay the only artist.

I can only hope that at some point they would do consider something like a legacy art pack, which I would gladly put some money in. But that would be a massive task, falling on only one artist (@Jen) I guess.

I’ve done many cards art in the past but today we are working with a team of 9 artists (7 freelance including a full-time position, who works on a lot of other visuals, and two in-house employees). That’s a huge work, one person can’t achieve it alone :slight_smile:

I have so much love for the old " concept art " (feels wrong to me to even call it that way) that I downloaded most of them (they used to be old dropbox packs, but they were never complete).
If a dev / member of the team pass by, I would kindly ask if they have kept an archive with all the original 2013 card art, that they could share with some of us who were charmed by the original aesthetic.

Anyway I need to stop ranting, Thanks Jen I guess :rubyfish: !


Legacy art pack sounds like a great idea! The old concept art drew me to this game, so I would love to see it on my cards once again!

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