Faeria Friday: News storm

With an update or news post nearly every day this week, you might feel a little surrounded by an overwhelming amount information. Here’s a sweeping recap of the latest Faeria happenings and the revealing of two more Monthly Cup special guests.

##Holiday Costume Contest

You still have all weekend left to create a holiday costume that has a chance to appear in-game!

Submissions close 23:59 CET on Monday, December 19th - so make sure you gets yours in before then.

##Jingle Jam

The limited availability Yogscast Jingle Jam Humble Bundle is still available!

Contribute $30 or more and get Faeria’s Early Access bundle along with much, much more. All proceeds go to charity.

##This Week in Patches

We’ve had a series of updates this week, with various bug fixes, improvements, and balance changes. In case you missed any, here they all are wrapped up in a nice bow.

##Monthly Cup ESL Invitees

For the next Monthly Cup, we’ll be mixing things up a bit. With the ESL Go4Faeria cups on hiatus until after Faeria 1.0, we’d like to invite some of the players with the current highest amount of earned points from participating in ESL cups.

Since Kingdanzz is already invited from his high placement in the previous cup, and v3tec and Donkey74 are unable to attend the date of the tournament - we’re happy to announce our next two special guests:

Cappuccino and Thormond!

These competitive players have consistently demonstrated their ability to finish high in ESL cups, and it’s no surprise that they’ve been in a few previous Monthly Cups as well. This time, they’ll be given the third and fourth seeds in the bracket. Wish them luck, although they probably don’t need it!

##Monthly Cup qualifier

The next Monthly Cup is in the qualification process, and the holiday season has slightly shifted the normal schedule.

The first qualifier takes place tomorrow: Saturday, December 17th.

Don’t forget - placing high in a qualifier can earn you gold and Pandora coins!

Keep an eye out on Twitch for those who will be streaming the qualifiers this weekend.

Have a good one!

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