Introduce Yourself Here?

Hello! I just downloaded Faeria today. What a nice concept for a game. The music is very relaxing. I’m a fan of Dan Felder’s two podcasts and his YouTube channel, so that is how I learned about Faeria. Sometimes on forums (like my own) there are sticky threads for the purpose of introducing yourself when you first sign up. If we have one here, I missed it. If we don’t, I think they are pretty useful.

Card games have been in my life since the early 90s. My close friends played Magic, and I still occasionally play Magic today. When my friends were collecting Magic, I was collecting Jyhad (renamed to Vampire: The Eternal Struggle for obvious marketing reasons) and Rage. These two card games were based on White Wolf’s Vampire the Masquerade and Werewolf the Apocalypse tabletop roleplaying games. I lost my collection, but recently got more than I used to have thanks to my generous local card shop. Recently I have been playing the Pokemon TCG with my family. My wife actually runs the local league for that. I was very impressed with Hearthstone for about 5 months or so where I would play every single day. I fell off with Hearthstone though, and it’s a good time to check Faeria out. I have some other game obligations to attend to, but Faeria seems great when I can get to it.

I’m pretty involved with the spiritual successor to Castlevania: Symphony of the Night called Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. If that is something you also like, please let me know so I can instantly think your awesome.

Hello and welcome to Faeria XombieMike! I hope you will enjoy Faeria as much as I do. First, If you’d like to get some useful information about the game this link might help you : How to improve at Faeria - A guide . Also this link is an Oracle for all cards in Faeria (Like the oracle you would find in Magic: The Gathering) : Oracle Text for all cards . If you need more help then there is always the coaching system you can find in this forum too, its free and the coach are experienced and really helpful.

If you need more help or well anything, log on the Discord for Faeria most of us hang on there. Hope to see you in-game.


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