List of banned players from Abrakam events

The following is a list of banned players from all Abrakam tournaments and special events.

Please note that it is very difficult to be banned from Abrakam events unless you exhibit extreme unsportsmanlike conduct, engage in cheating or match-fixing, or making false reports against another player.

  • littlenooby (Iosefka)
    Date of ban: 7-26-2017
    Length of ban: 6 months (Expires Jan 31st, 2018)
    Reason: Entering twice into the same tournament
    Detail: Monthly Cup XIII Qualifier #1 qualification incident

  • Gladd
    Date of ban: 5-27-2017
    Length of ban: Permanent
    Reason: Making a false report against another player
    Detail: Player made a serious report against another player. Chat logs were pulled from the server and reviewed and the situation was determined to be entirely fabricated.

  • JJisFar
    Date of ban: 11-5-17
    Length of ban: 6 months (Expires May 31st, 2018)
    Reason: Purposely surrendering a match in order to boost another player’s ranking.
    Detail: Ranked ladder incident report - MCXVI Season

If you have any questions about the rules and expected behavior in our esports events, please read the following terms:

In general, our goal is to maintain a fair playing field for as many people as possible. The purpose of this post is not to shame any individual player, but to make our position and standards as clear as possible. It also alerts other tournament organizers of players who have breached our standards of conduct. No communtiy events are obligated or expected to apply this list to their events.

Thank you, and remember to have fun. :nyanyak:

I guess I was aware that players could be banned, but I was not aware that the community was informed about it when the decision was made. Is there a specific reason or is it just part of Dev transparency? just curious.

We’ve informed the community before during the only previous ban. It’s for complete transparency, and for assisting in other community events who wish to also follow this list, such as Faeria Team League.